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Happy New Year

A surprise new year that is happy for everone on earth. (and also other planets).
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A previously unseen state of global harmony, in which everyone gets along swimmingly.
March Hare, Dec 30 2001


       A nice sentiment, indeed.
bristolz, Dec 30 2001

       That would be nice, I hate New Years Eve.
vimto, Dec 30 2001

       baked - they try and do this every year but it never works.
benfrost, Dec 31 2001

       Sorry, Happy Old Year Peter.
vimto, Dec 31 2001

       Next year's gotta be better than this one. I hope. (gulp)
snarfyguy, Dec 31 2001

       Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, take it one day at a time, life ain't no rehearsal, yesterdays gone.
thumbwax, Jan 01 2002


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