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Glasses to excercise your eyes and neck

Glasses to excercise your eyes and neck.
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OK. It might not be the best idea ever, I just had to use the title on something!

What is it? Glasses to be worn while working at computer (usb connecting) with lcd lenses that generate a spot in your vision (synchronised in both lenses).

The spot moves in a slow random (pattern?) across the centre of the lenses forcing you to move your head and eyes to see around it - helping to prevent eye fatigue and neck stiffness.

Would like to see an entire office wearing them, with a little twanging sitar music playing in the background.

the dog's breakfast, Nov 13 2007

Lucky exercise glasses Lucky_20chinese_20Eye-xercise_20glasses
For a low tech solution. [ye_river_xiv, Nov 14 2007]


       Guaranteed to annoy the piss out of you in minutes and raise your blood pressure. Next time that guy with the bulging vein has an involuntary eye spasm, wait till he takes his glasses off to rub his eyes then replace them with TBIE glasses, and watch him go. Be careful though, he may snap and take out the entire office with a hole punch.   

       Simply release a mosquito in front of your face for the same effect, or hang a raison from the peak of a baseball cap.
marklar, Nov 13 2007

       //I just had to use the title on something//   

       Glad you didn't use that title on a good idea. Even if the idea had been excellent it would still have been boned into oblivion with a title like that. You might as well have titled it "Don't Bone This".
wagster, Nov 13 2007

       Marklar, I presume that is a raison d'etre you will be hanging in front of your eyes?
4whom, Nov 13 2007

       Title = false advertisment
evilpenguin, Nov 13 2007

       [hippo] are you on out-of-office?
po, Nov 13 2007

       I like the idea. The title is rubbish though.   

       The hanging raisin thing is brilliant, [marklar].
Texticle, Nov 13 2007

       The Best Eye-dea Ever. Not.
DrBob, Nov 14 2007

       If the glasses are set far enough back, it should be perfectly simple to look around the dot by moving the eyes and head in unison. Old librarians look around their glasses in just this way all the time.   

       Speaking of which... I think I'll do some shameless self-promotion. [link]
ye_river_xiv, Nov 14 2007

       Ever seen the movie 'The Jerk?'
RayfordSteele, Nov 14 2007

       the best ever title somehow puts off us *oldies*
po, Nov 14 2007

       Gotta admit... I wouldn't of even bothered to read this thing if it didn't have that title (and wasn't boned to oblivion)
xxobot, Nov 15 2007


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