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Glen Noctis

"Scotch" whisky made on Mars (e.g. Noctis Labyrinthis)
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As part of Mars settlement efforts (perhaps as part of the life support system), create a peat bog. After a suitable number of years pass, grow some barley, malt it, and smoke it with that Martian peat.

While the peat bog is maturing, plant some acorns and make barrels from the oaktrees therefrom.

dean, Feb 13 2001


       I like Scotch, but if they can't make a good immitation in Japan, then they won't be able to on Mars, either. Maybe they could make Red Rock Liqueur.
Vance, Feb 13 2001

       The thought of drinking from a bottle that carries the 'face on Mars' gives me chills.
reensure, Feb 16 2001

       Face isn't there anymore...was apparently a combination of shadows and blurry photography...now it's just a bunch of rocks.   

       They did find a smiley face in one of the craters, though...
StarChaser, Feb 18 2001

       I think mars has more profitable things to do than make whisky. They could just sell dirt from mars and make thousands.
mephisto, Jan 06 2002


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