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Global Warming Booth

A miniature weather simulation booth
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To show the effects of global warming, create a booth that features a very cold room and then a very hot room (but not too hot to cook you). The booth will provide information about why these temperatures would occur. In the cold room, explain why it would cool down it's effects. likewise for the hot room, showing pictures of dead coral and drought- plagued countries. it can also have a wall that is a space enclosed with plexiglass, with water sloshing in it to display sea-level rise.

If i am totally wrong about this whole global warming thing, or any of my proposed concepts, please tell me.

twitch, Nov 08 2006


       Good one, twitch. A model of the climate. This could be in a science museum or exhibition.
jmvw, Nov 08 2006

       Excellent. Even better if you could somehow demonstrate the deterioration of the ozone layer, and what causes it. [+]
jtp, Nov 08 2006


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