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Global cooling

making ice more reflective
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a recent study says that perhaps carbon dust is settling on icecaps and making them absorb more sun, so i thought, lets do the opposite?

have jets fly over areas spraying cold water to freeze into little spheres and seed the flaky snow with shiny balls that reflect more of the sun thus keeping melting down, or we could go cheap and use millions of pounds of silver glitter and have the ice caps looking like michael Jacksons glove, only 3000 miles across!

Arcanus, Dec 22 2009

Incredible. http://www.ted.com/...treme_ice_loss.html
The whole thing is well worth watching but the intense time lapse sequences start at about 8:50 or so if you are in a rush. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 22 2009]

Sequins in the Stratosphere? Discoball_20Stratosphere
A very similar idea. [jutta, Dec 23 2009]


       + for the title and laugh.
blissmiss, Dec 22 2009

       And when you've triggered a new Ice Age, what then ?
8th of 7, Dec 22 2009

       if it triggers a new ice age i'll mount a solar camera on a radio tower in detroit with a daily timer to document hell freezing over for future generations
Arcanus, Dec 23 2009


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