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fake bergs

Convert the Gyre Cell phone cure for global warming
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Its a long shot but let's think laterally about the problem of polar bears. They need places to float, we need white stuff to reflect sunlight. For the first I suggest a factory ship to process the flotsam in the north Pacific Gyre into something that floats, transporting it north to where the bears can use it. And for the second all cell phone network towers could be replaced by white blimps to reflect the sunlight.
Sendra, Apr 01 2009

Great Pacific Garbage Patch http://en.wikipedia...cific_Garbage_Patch
[calum, Apr 01 2009]


       huh? Are the polar bears supposed to reflect sunlight, or is this two ideas (raise albedo by white blimps, make flotsam into ... bigger flotsam for bears)?
loonquawl, Apr 01 2009

       Explain to me why polar bears need mobile phones?
coprocephalous, Apr 01 2009

       agreed with [21] and want to add- do you think planes can fly between all those white blimps? (try out a couple of commas for fun!)
xandram, Apr 01 2009

       Sorry about starting a new thread it was an accident as I was trying to add to the Fake Ice Berg using polystyrene thread. So who are actually trying to make fake bergs? That's interesting. If blimps are a problem for planes maybe we should raise albedo by painting them and the tops of all buildings white instead.
Sendra, Apr 27 2009

       I recommend re-posting this as two separate ideas. One blimp cell phone tower, one fake bergs.
ye_river_xiv, Jun 01 2014

       //why polar bears need mobile phones?   

       It's a bear necessity.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 01 2014

       Yes you try getting a landline installed to an ice floe.
pocmloc, Jun 01 2014


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