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Global warming certificates

Reclaim your green taxes, when the trend switches
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When one day, maybe in the not too distant future, the planet will reach the end of its pendulum and start cooling again, humanity will be once again in a dire situation. Our politicians will be the first to point out, that we are the cause of the troubles - as usual, and start imposing taxes on contributions to cooling. Start saving your carbon emission certificates today to offset your future taxes! Make sure these are inheritable though, it may take longer than a generation!
Bolly, Mar 03 2008

Wow, did't take a generation. http://www.dailymai...climate-change.html
[Bolly, Nov 27 2009]


       This is Bollocks, Bolly!
DrCurry, Mar 03 2008

       Nothing like an open mind DrCurry! You forgot this was the "halfbakery".
Bolly, Mar 03 2008

       You only have to go back about fifty years to the last cycle, where many people were predicting global cooling.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 03 2008

       However, [MB] there is a marked difference between "many people" and "entire unanimous respected scientific community"
globaltourniquet, Mar 03 2008

       [global] true   

       [jutta] It's slightly advocaat ("let's all save our emission certificates") but it's on the grey edge of being an idea ("establish a system of recording carbon emissions, against a time when they'll be seen as beneficial"), albeit a rather tongue-in- cheek one.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 03 2008

       Oh, d'oh! I didn't get that - thaks for explaining (and saving this idea. For future generations when there's not enough nonsense, perhaps.)
jutta, Mar 11 2008


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