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Globe Jigsaw

whole earth jigsaw
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Globe Jigsaw starts life as a plain white ball supported with an angled spindle like all globes. The difference is of course that it has no details as these have to be added in the form of the jigsaw pieces.

The pieces themselves are all slightly curved to the same degree, enabling them to fit in place against the corresponding curvature of the globe, which is magnetised to hold them onto its surface.

Globe Jigsaw is a difficult challenge, as there are only a few distinct pieces at the spindle points to enable the starting points. A limited amount of details also means that many pieces look similar.

Once complete, you can enjoy your Globe for as long as you keep its electro magnet switched on, but as soon as the power is off, all the pieces of the entire planet fall off into the Tray of Oblivion on which it sits.

xenzag, May 27 2021


       My daughter had a spherical jigsaw world globe puzzle years ago - she never finished it :) Was hollow and supposed to be self supporting. Having interior support might make it easier, the hollow one was pretty fiddly to try to put together. Even though "easy" seems to be the opposite of your intent, I'll give you a bun for that.
a1, May 27 2021

       //Tray of Oblivion// <thinks about trays on QI /> The universe's Holey Grail.
wjt, May 29 2021

       [+] Can the pieces and globe have programmable magnets? so the scientifically inclined can cheat with ferro-fluids and see the secret symbols.
wjt, May 29 2021

       I'm sure that could be arranged.
xenzag, May 29 2021

       Turtle of oblivion, surely?
RayfordSteele, May 29 2021


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