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Jigsaw Cookie

A cookie that has all gone to pieces
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A giant soft frosted cookie the size of a cake that later gets stamped with a jigsaw pattern. Put it together to find your birthday or party message. Leave out pieces for other more endearing messages.
sartep, Jul 04 2005

Giant cookies are great http://www.milliesc...s/celebcookies.html
(A frame from the Millies Cookies website: www.milliescookies.com) [Jinbish, Jul 04 2005]


       you got me a frikken cookie? this is the worst birthday party ever.
benfrost, Jul 04 2005

       I bought a birthday cookie for my flatmate a couple of years back because I knew he didn't like cake very much...
When our friends gathered for the start of a night out in his honour, one of the girls produced a lovely looking cake. He was really pleased... and my cookie was relegated to freakish sideshow as everyone proceeded to have a piece of cake but look over the giant cookie.

       Story has a happy ending though because I sloped off to hide in the kitchen and then ate the entire cookie while mumbling with my mouth full of dough: "f'kin b'stids". It cheered me up no end.
Jinbish, Jul 04 2005

       so he ate the cake just to please the girls? how shallow.
po, Jul 04 2005

       Despite googling for it, it doesn't appear that anyone actually makes interlocking jigsaw cookie cutters!   

       What I though would exist was something like a rolling pin with a pattern of interlocking pieces on it, such that you can roll it across a sheet of dough, cutting it into interlocking biscuit pieces ready to bake.
prufrax, Jul 05 2005

       Of course the missing pieces problem will be much more common here...
James Newton, Jul 27 2006


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