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Glory Hole Sticker

Loads of larfs!
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A glory hole is an improvised opening between two otherwise private areas, allowing communication of various sorts between the occupants of the two sides. One might be surprised to encounter a glory hole in an ritzy bathroom, like the one down the hall from your bosses office, or in a dorm bathroom, or at your church.

Now share that surprise with your fellow travellers using BUNGCO's Glory Hole Stickers! Stick one onto the wall and make a realistic rendering of an opening looking next door. Some stickers depict the next door occupant, perhaps unaware of your gaze, perhaps peering back lasciviously. It is all in fun, and so if some viewer knows of another location which would benefit from an ad hoc hole. he or she can peel it off, stow it and then reapply it in its new environs.

Comes in packs of 12.

bungston, Apr 11 2011


       A related idea involves a lifesize bobblehead with wig and hat, affixed to the wall of the stall such that the top of head, hat and dark glasses just barely clears the top of the stall. That stall is locked (with prankster crawling out from under afterwards). People using adjacent stall will see head and eyes over the top, seeming to spy. For people who finally check to see what is going on, inspirational words from various religious tracts could be printed where the mouth might be.   

       Fake feet could be affixed to wall below to complete the effect. Alternatively crewcut bobblehead could be affixed low so as to dangle down and spy underneath the wall.
bungston, Apr 11 2011

       Use a little mirror to give the hole a sense of depth and a real-life face staring back.
idris83, Apr 11 2011

       In the early seventies I owned a poster designed to go on your ceiling. It showed a hole broken through the ceiling, and viewed from below a group of police officers with tools and weapons peering down at you.   

       A friend of mine about lost it the first time he reclined back on my couch and looked up. Never got that lucky again but it was worth the once.
normzone, Apr 11 2011

       Not stickers to cover up secret glory holes then?   

       No this idea is much better. How about 3D versions with various things poking through them?
rcarty, Apr 11 2011

       //Not stickers to cover up secret glory holes then?// To the contrary, ideally suited for that application.
mouseposture, Apr 11 2011

       The deception is to trick someone into thinking its a fake glory hole sticker?
rcarty, Apr 11 2011

       It looks like a glory hole, and it is a glory hole -- no deception. If people think it's only a fake glory hole, well, that's their problem.   

       I'm tempted to bring up Gettier problems and Gricean implicature at this point, but the nurse is here with my medication.
mouseposture, Apr 11 2011

       Oh! That must mean she'll be here shortly with mine too.
rcarty, Apr 12 2011

       I find it amazing that a person can learn a thing at a very early age and yet not know the term for that thing until decades later.   

       Gloy hole eh? Go figure.
(+) I guess.

       Porky's, eh? Am I right, or am I right?
rcarty, Apr 12 2011

       Nope. I wish...I mean yeah...Porky's. That's the ticket.   

       Well, my only encounter with glory holes was about five years ago when I bumped into a friend on Yonge St. in Toronto near Ryerson University, and he asked me if I wanted to go somewhere cool. Of course I said yes, and followed him through a nondescript door of which I noticed later there are lots of on the street that are rarely noticed in contrast to regular shop fronts and entrances. He led me up a dark flight of stairs and through a dark corridor and we descended a couple levels still passing through a very dark corridor, then of all things there was an ATM, and after that a considerable amount of nudity and fluorescence. Anyway there was also glory holes. We were only there to check the place out and stayed for about ten minutes, and left by pushing on a door and emerging into a back alley which was unexpected in contrast to the distance we travelled to get in. The most surprising thing was that I had forgotten that it was broad daylight.
rcarty, Apr 13 2011

       //We were only there to check the place out// The lady doth protest too much, methinks.
spidermother, Apr 13 2011

       I speak the truth; there are few details I left out except for some lurid descriptions of what I saw. I was just looking around, briefly was separated from my friend, and when various forms that were in there started to draw closer to me and say things I quickly found my friend and left.
rcarty, Apr 13 2011


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