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Go out loudly

Shout it from the rooftops, or at least on halfbakery.
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Friends, pedants, halfbakers, lend me your fishbones. I refuse to pass quietly, so I propose that other future bakers do the same (merely so that I might deign to veil with the thinnest veneer of an 'idea').

Brethren, I do pass on. My life has just this very hour taken a turn for the unusual, for the giddy, and this ~idea is the loudest I can figure to go out. :) Celebrate with me, for I'll be touring the planet and being soundman/roadie extraordinaire. I'll not be around much in the next year or so, but I thank you all for the last 50 weeks or so of laughter, insight, mind-numbing info dumps, and absolute obtuseness. I'll leave the account up, and I will lurk at far, random intervals, but not near in such force as I have been.

absterge, May 25 2001

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       A fishbone, as requested. Have fun! Break a leg or something.
PotatoStew, May 25 2001

       So who are you going to be touring with?
jutta, May 26 2001

       So....LHC finally make it big? :-)
Susen, May 26 2001

       Go, [absterge]! Mind you don't lose your socks/plectrums. Happy halfbirthday, have a fish.
<Plays a rousing chorus of 'Going Out Screaming' by IQ>
angel, May 26 2001

       Rats. You'll be missed. Come back when you can...
StarChaser, May 26 2001

       Bon voyage, absterge, and au revoir!   

       [Dibs on his parking space]
beauxeault, May 26 2001

       ;-) Hasta la vista, absterge. Post when ya can...
Dog Ed, May 27 2001

       // I'll be touring the planet and being soundman/roadie extraordinaire. //   

       Have a good time pasting up the Marshall-stack wallpaper. >>peace, brother<<
iuvare, May 27 2001

       <sniff>...we'll miss you, man!...</sniff>
mihali, May 27 2001

       =D I'm touched!   

       No, Susen, it's not LHC... heh. It's an outfit for a private, independent, Christian organization that plunks down loads of cash in order to get good, good-hearted bands out of the garage let them ascend into the ranks of professional musicians. It really is a free ride for me (sans salary, of course, but it's not like a job at all; it's like, a life. :D), and it's gonna be seriously cool.   

       Rods, I'm actually considering it. I'm gonna be dumping my portfolio, buying my mom a computer so I can take this one (it's a desktop sound-studio/3d machine), and I might just very well pick up some little wireless job or something.   

       HEY, HEY, HEY!! Who voted me *UP* on this one?!?! ;D Thanks again for the send-offs, folks. I'll edit my profile accordingly and pop in when I might. Have ya some good ones!   

       (edit: oh, blast. I should've just edited this here instead of making a *new* note and popping it up on the front page. :P ah well!)
absterge, May 27 2001, last modified Jun 06 2001

       Well, it's 1pm here, and this will be my last visit in quite some time (drat. and during the golden era of the [Team Rocket]/[Tugun] saga, too. ;) ). I get on a plane bright and early tomorrow to begin my new life.
absterge, Jun 06 2001

       Can I have the old one? People keep telling me I need one. I promise I'll walk it every day and feed it and love it...
StarChaser, Jun 08 2001

       Rather than create a new idea, I do absterge's bidding within the confines of his ~idea. I go for a short time, for nothing quite as exciting as the reason for his departure, but I will be, by choice, completely cut off from half-baking for a whole week. Pray for me, brothers and sisters, how will I survive? This will be a good test of my addiction. For those of you who just can't take the opportunity to break away, I will let you know if the shakes hit very badly. I am going to the mountains with my family. I'll be around until about 5:00 Pacific Time, and then it's adieu, mes amis. So long and thanks for all the gherkins.
globaltourniquet, Jun 13 2001

       Oh, go climb one for your elf!!!
PotatoStew, Jun 14 2001

       ahhh... my faceless friends, 'tis good to see you are all doing so very well. On about your business of discussing masturbation, punning, making limericks and introducing new allies to the fold to which they have always belonged. Truly, it does my heart good on this steamy, bedraggled, early Minnesota morning to just pop in and see things flourishing so very well. *has a moment of silence*   

       Anyway, Willmar, MN is for farmers... not geeks like me. :P heh. But I did just finish reading 4 of the 5 Douglas Adams books (the only one remaining is _So Long, and Thanks..._) in 3 days, so that's good. Oh, yeah, the soundguy gig rules, btw. ;)   

       gt! I particularly commend your good form here! At a month late, it won't do anyone any good to try to ease you withdrawal now, but I'll whisper a small prayer for all the addicts nonetheless.   

       Well, true to form, I trucked my whole bloody desktop halfway across this fine land of ours [that being the US, of course, but you knew that], spliced myself into a preexisting phone line, and am presently mooching off of someone else's ISP account, but I'm here anyway. :) The moment is fleeting, though. It's almost 2am, and I've many genuinely important things to do tomorrow early on. Alas, the shadows of respite gently overtake me, before I've even read the whole of the 'recent' page. I bid thee well, bretheren. Carry on thy noblest of duties, and forget not to pass both feet through yon vortex before applying thine siren juice.
absterge, Jul 13 2001

       Hi, [absterge]. We haven't forgotten you. The Doobie Brothers are playing in Willmar on August 12.
angel, Jul 13 2001

       He wants everything louder than everything else.
angel, Jul 13 2001


       No, waugs! *I'm* the damn soundman, and I say you may NOT have any more keyboard in your monitor!! gah! ... hahaha...
absterge, Jul 20 2001

       I am ever joyed to return, 'baker friends! I see we're still thriving. Excellent, excellent.   

       Well, what with moderators and custom views, I don't think adding a wee update here will upbraid terribly many uproariously. So I'll pause to say a word of well-wishing and provide a condensed, custard-style update.   

       I'm presently working in the CS dept of a reasonably large publishing company, doing all manner of random stuff (trying to edge toward the DBA side of things, of course; closer to IT and further from CS, duh.) I've a much deeper appreciation of your work now, SC.   

       freelunch sucked bad. It turned out to be nothing of the sort puported; it was a ruse, a platform for an overly-rich, terribly bored, high-maintenance stage mom to thrust her emotionally ravaged and marginally talented firstborn daughter onto the stage of an industry for which they have no understanding nor interest. Buncha rich white people jerked us all around for about 6 months, then sent us all packing when the *choke* Perfect Little Daughter wasn't happy with her new pony^H^H^H^Hband. Anyway, the rest of us, sans drummer and singer (the PLD), are still on good terms; it's just those couple thousand miles that's the only problem...   

       I DID however come out of there with some real soundman chops. There's nothing like RL experience! heh. It was sink or swim, and I took a couple near-fatal dips, let me tell ya. But now I'm running sound at my ~400 member church, and playing bass in a (another) band (that makes, uh, 3 for me and about 8 for my younger bro. lol). All that, and 40+, and I'm a busy little bugger! :)
absterge, Apr 30 2002

       Indeed. Welcome back.
bristolz, May 02 2002

       Too bad the band turned out not to be one. Wouldn't it have been great if...? But it sounds like you got some mental stretching and that's never bad, imho.
Dog Ed, May 02 2002

       bienvenue, abstairzhe! Glad to have your mind back in the fray.   

       // and I took a couple near-fatal dips //   

       Literally or figuratively? Lost balance while flyin' PA cabinets?
waugsqueke, May 02 2002


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