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beanangel bait & search kit

this would consist of an eclectic mixture of chemicals with complex names designed to attract beany along with a dazzlingly beautiful girl (sorry, this must be locally supplied as postal regulations on shipping live humans are rather restrictive coupled with the fact that some settling of contents typically occurs in shipment)
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use dazzlingly beautiful girl to to talk of and play with chemicals in places where beanangel is likely to hang out upon seeing both beany may very well approach her to strike up a conversation about the effect these chemicals may have upon her person and how she may improve the effect whereupon the dazzlingly beautiful girl hands beany a note from those who hang out on HB stating we would appreciate it if beany would log back on and give thoughts on beautiful girls and chemicals with annoyingly long names of course this particular endeavor will be a bit expensive so I am open to investors as it happens dazzlingly beautiful girls are unfortunately prohibitively expensive in most precincts
Grogster, Mar 05 2011

Here he is! http://www.youtube....user/BeanangelTreon
[Beanangel]'s YouTube channel [nineteenthly, Mar 10 2011]


       Suggest changing category to Halfbakery:evil. Or consider deleting it altogether.
mouseposture, Mar 05 2011

       mouse you seem to be under the impression he wants to do something bad to beany. I think he just wants him back.
Voice, Mar 05 2011

       [Voice] No my impression was that this is an insulting caricature, and that he wants [beanangel] back because he enjoys mocking him. Thank you for pointing out that the idea is open to another interpretation; given that [Grogster]'s ordinarily a decent sort, yours was doubtless the intended meaning.
mouseposture, Mar 05 2011

       [mouse], you are off the mark. I'd like to see [beany] back. Yes, I have kidded him about his run on sentences and lack of punctuation, but I consider [beany] to be in a league of his own. No one is immune to a bit of mocking on this forum, me included. I'm OK with all of it. I think he's a national treasure and would like to see him back.
Grogster, Mar 05 2011

       [bigsleep] That, too, is open to two interpretations: could refer either to the alchemical transmutation of dross into gold, or the biological transformation of beer into piss.   

       [Grogster] Agreed, [beanangel]'s ideas, though usually, by ordinary standards defective, have some sort of creative spark in them which leads to interesting discussion.
mouseposture, Mar 05 2011

       I think you're being affectionately wishful about [treon] and i have no problem with your attitude. Unlike most of us, he has a presence on YouTube which is really quite surreal, so he's not just gone without trace. Also, [treon] is remarkably good-natured about people's "attacks". My main problem with his manifestation is the quantity of naked female flesh he includes in his videos.
nineteenthly, Mar 05 2011

       Hmm. Well, I'm off to do unspecified things online.
rcarty, Mar 05 2011

       What a coincidence. I've been committing certain deeds recently.
nineteenthly, Mar 05 2011

       Hat trick! Cousin Flench was committed today!
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 05 2011

       19thly, link?
RayfordSteele, Mar 06 2011

       // beanangel bait //   

       Bait ?   

       Better just to drop a depth charge and see what floats to the surface, stunned ?   

       Never use ingenuity when brute force is sufficient.
8th of 7, Mar 10 2011

       //drop a depth charge and see what floats to the surface, stunned// That would explain a lot.
FlyingToaster, Mar 10 2011

       Not to brag or anything, you pack of naysayers; but the beanangel bait & search kit seems to have worked: he came back. HAHA!!!
Grogster, Jul 03 2011

       Having read that caffeine cures alzheimers I immediately looked up triethylxanthine as well as chlorocaffeine as well as thought about the trihydroxyversion. Fascinatingly Ethoxycaffeine is a sedative, thus there might be a calming drug that prevents alzheimers   

       I appreciate the beautiful female form.   

       Also I noticed that youtube videos with attractive women received hundreds of times more views. The videos that got the beanangeltreon channel a million views while featuring ideas all got complained away.
beanangel, Nov 30 2011

       Grrr, Beanangel channel   

       I say!   

       It is simply not sporting to lure in unsuspecting people into a description of a "Uberresolution Quantum linked photon telescope" with a picture of a two cute girls who just seem to have accidentally fallen into the same bed.   

       Tsk, tsk...
not_morrison_rm, Aug 07 2012

       // youtube videos with attractive women received hundreds of times more views //   

       No shit. Amazing. I wonder why?
Alterother, Aug 07 2012

       + this made me chuckle and I noticed he has been absent again. He is definitely unique.
xandram, Mar 28 2021

       Wouldn't [Treon] balance his views, if he included more male flesh videos?   

       Hey [Beany], when you think about pharmaceuticals, do think about the molecule just as it's efficacy/side effects or how the molecule works and all the pathways involved? I'd be impressed if it is the second, the amount of knowledge seems vastly more than just one individual's capability to think through.   

       There is work being done on 'in silico' computer modelling on aging, oncology and drug prediction.
wjt, Apr 01 2021


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