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Go to Bed

Modified Trucker Alarm for Your 'Puter
  [vote for,

They make devices for truck drivers that sound an alarm whenever their neck is no longer being told to hold their cranium upright.

These devices should:

A. Be more readily available to the public. This could probably prevent a lot of nasty car wrecks.

B. Be hacked so that they are wired into software on your computer that will tell you to go to bed instead of nodding off in front of the computer with questionable browser windows open for your girlorboyfriend to discover.

snikrepkire, Apr 23 2004


       Surely a noisy screen saver would be just as effective?
DrCurry, Apr 23 2004

       I just broke up with my girlorboyfriend. [+]
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 23 2004

       You couldn't tell? No wonder you broke up!
DrCurry, Apr 23 2004

       Not if your girlorboyfriend is in the bed next to the noisy screen saver.   

       "....honey? What was that? ... What are you doing?"
Bamboo, Apr 23 2004

       DrCurry is right, but I still voted 'for'...
snikrepkire, Apr 23 2004

       ...it's your idea.
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 23 2004

       I've no objection to computer users having such devices, but I know that many truck stops on the interstate highways decline to sell such devices, or even to carry the batteries for them, because the device encourages drivers to continue to stay on the highway past their limits.
normzone, Apr 23 2004

       //...it's your idea. yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 23 2004//   

       <retarded voice> SO?!?! UnHHngh...</retarded voice>
snikrepkire, Apr 23 2004

       much needed
pertinax, Jun 12 2006


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