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High Exertion UI

Dance Click Revolution!
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This invention aims to alleviate endemic programmer and office-worker diseases caused by sitting around and staring at a fixed spot all day in a fun but (hopefully) not too ridiculous sort of way.

The keyboard is a horizontally mounted punching bag, with DDR-like foot-pedals for the shift, control, and space keys. Typing is done by using both fists in rapid succession (good for both carpal-tunnel and muscle development). The screen can be a large-screen plasma-like device, or a CAVE-like immersive environment (the point is that it be usable but not eyestrain inducing). Different control elements of the screen can be on non-flat surfaces, or focus-shifted through various optical technologies.

The mouse can be a 40 pound trackball with foot switches, or a giant (4ft x 4 ft) trackpad to be used in multi-touch mode with both hands.

3 or 4 "shortcut" keys can be made from other punching bags that are designed to be kicked.

The setup can be tuned (and progressively modified) to the user's current abilities and preferences. It should be tuneable so that you get a good workout (somewhere between waiter and construction worker) but can sustain activity for 8-10 hours while maintaining productivity.

A treadmill (preferably omnidirectional) can be added for sustaining your web browser, word processor, etc.

cowtamer, Oct 15 2010

Dance Dance Revolution http://www.seriousg.../feature_051906.php
[cowtamer, Oct 15 2010]

CAVE http://en.wikipedia...Virtual_Environment
Immersive Environment [cowtamer, Oct 15 2010]

Exertion Interfaces http://workshopchi....ist+and+submissions
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       I like this but thinking of human interface guidelines and ergonomics, I would like to see more direct relationships between actions and tasks. So, for example, the treadmill should control scrolling up and down a document. Moving and resizing a window should involve pulling or pushing a heavy object along. Opening files or programmes might require lifting a heavy weight, etc.
pocmloc, Oct 15 2010

       That's an interesting point. I want to make sure this is still usable for 8 hours a day without the user saying "forget it".   

       Perhaps for a proof-of-concept installation there could be a wheelable prop for the mouse cursor that has electronically controlled brakes attached either to a treadmill or crank for scrolling :)
cowtamer, Oct 15 2010


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