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Goal powder

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Coat the ground within the soccer goal liberally with talc or other powder (or even smooth sand as used in long jump). When the ball goes into the net it will leave a tell tale sign on the ground, indicating a goal or not.
simonj, Jun 28 2010

(?) Lampard's disallowed goal http://www.youtube....watch?v=Nu8BQrV4koM
[simonj, Jun 28 2010]

Quick resume of potential goal line technology http://news.bbc.co....nology/10435509.stm
[Jinbish, Jun 30 2010]


       Not keeping up with current events, 21Q? <link>
simonj, Jun 28 2010

       tsk, the ball went into the goal - doesn't really matter what happens next. it could have stood up and danced, it would still count as a goal. football is a funny old game...   

       oh well, there's another week of wimbledon to go.
po, Jun 28 2010

       What [po] said, also [21 Quest], the fact that it was caught on camera is of no relevance to the officials, as there is no usage of replay technology to help with decision making.
kaz, Jun 28 2010

       I assume that there exists a technology that can suitably determine the whereabouts of the ball - like 'Hawkeye' in the aforementioned Wimbledon. FIFA don't want it.   

       Video replays for an off-pitch official, who can then advise the referee exist - they are used to great effect in international rugby union. FIFA don't want them.   

       Both means would be better than goal powder - so while I feel your sentiment, [simonj], I'm pretty sure: FIFA won't want it.
Jinbish, Jun 28 2010

       Perhaps tar and feathers. Applied liberally to the officials after they make such an incredibly boneheaded call, and they would see that it was, in fact, a goal.
ldischler, Jun 28 2010

       Has anyone seen those giant soap bubble things? Why not simply create a soap film over the mouth of goal?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 28 2010

       MB thats genius - get those vuvuzela fans to keep blowing bubbles.   

       isn't wimbledon wonderfully quiet - just the odd grunt or two.
po, Jun 28 2010

       Haven't there already been too many bubbles burst at the World Cup?
Jinbish, Jun 28 2010

       We are perpetually disappointed that the so-called "Penalty Shoot-out" does not, in reality, involve the deployment of automatic firing small arms.   

       Watching overpaid pseudocelebrities being gratuitously mown down in a welter of blood, gore and assorted disassembled entrails in a Sam-Pekinpah-meets- Quentin-Trantino slaughterfest is about the only thing that would persuade us to take an interest in the wretched "sport".
8th of 7, Jun 28 2010

       Separate posting [MB]
rcarty, Jun 28 2010

       This idea is superior to Hawkeye, instant replay, and other newfangled technology because each goal would be heralded by a dramatic white cloud. Like a new Pope.
mouseposture, Jun 28 2010

       ... or a phosphorous grenade.
8th of 7, Jun 29 2010

       Couple of relevant aspects about scoring a goal:
To get the puff of white smoke, the football would have to touch the ground - which is not a condition of a goal being scored.
The ball just has to (completely) cross the line. This means that the bubble wall would have to be behind the goal-line exactly the diameter of the ball.

       Other than that, they're both totally perfect.
Jinbish, Jun 29 2010

       [Jinbish] I was thinking the netting would be coated in chalk, like a mason's plumb-line, so the ball wouldn't have to touch the ground.
mouseposture, Jun 29 2010

       Fair enough, [mp], but it still misses the event where a ball crosses the line, mid-air, and then cleared out by a player in a spectacularly acrobatic but yet hilariously futile and desperate dive.
Jinbish, Jun 29 2010

       Would be next to impossible for a goal to be scored without hitting the ground within the netted area, as the net would remove all kinetic energy from the ball.
simonj, Jun 29 2010

       About that bubble film...   

       I once saw a science museum where bubbles were repeatedly stabbed by needles, but never popped.
ye_river_xiv, Jun 30 2010


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