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extreme soccer

Soccer with multiple balls on the field
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Extreme soccer: soccer with three or more (can be decided by teams) soccer balls on the field at one time. Points can be increased per goal when goals are scored within two seconds of each other (1st goal=1 point, 2nd goal=2points...total= +3 points.) the game does not stop when a goal is scored, the goalie must get the ball out and pass; the game keeps going. two refs may be necessary, as might additional players. this will lead to a much faster-paced, intense version of soccer.
NeoLuminus, Sep 19 2009

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       what? o.k. you are USian and don't understand football...
po, Sep 19 2009

       anyway welcome NL
po, Sep 19 2009

       "Extreme" in the context of sports or similar activities generally implies increased risk of injury or death, as in "extreme skiing", "extreme climbing".   

       If you wish to gain our support for this idea, rewrite it so that participation involves the serious injury, or better, death, of some (or all) of the overpaid, incoherent, giftless brain donors who infest "professional" football.
8th of 7, Sep 19 2009

       [+] I can imagine few games that would not be improved by a multiball period, or generally by bringing them closer to pinball. (That's also the gist of "Soccer Improvements" (second link), which a lot of people voted against - we may have had an outbreak of mass purism at the time.)
jutta, Sep 21 2009

       Come to think of it, more than one ball on a Cricket pitch is reasonably tricky.
Perhaps limit it to such sports where there is not one 'Target' per ball/puck/shuttlecock/dart.
gnomethang, Sep 21 2009


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