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A device that measures the plausibility of a god
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Build a planet that orbits a star. Provide the planet with a coating of mixtures of both liquids and gas such that this liquid and gas promote a prolific growth of biochemistry. Build the planet at a distance such that the expirations of the star benefit the biochemistry of the planet. From the biochemistry create an organism that developes awareness. From this awareness, of both the immediate planet and the star that feeds it, have this organism state why it exists, and if appropriate to what or whom does it owe its existance.
fried dwight, Jul 09 2011


       Somewhat like the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
rcarty, Jul 09 2011

       Humans are mad.
rcarty, Jul 09 2011

       sp. Mice
pertinax, Jul 09 2011

       how do you prevent it telling lies?
po, Jul 09 2011

       Why are you doing this in meatspace? Makes more sense to use artificial life in a computer simulation. I'm pretty sure Stanislaw Lem had that idea decades ago.   

       ... There we go. It's "Non Serviam" in _A Perfect Vacuum_   

       [po] That's brilliant. I would love to read the result if Lem or Pratchet had thought of it. Do you write at all?
mouseposture, Jul 09 2011

       // Pratchet //   

       Sp. "Pratchett"
8th of 7, Jul 09 2011

       In your Universe, yes.
(actually: Oops, yes, thank you. At least I spelled "Lem" correctly. Polish orthography's a piece of cake compared to English.)
mouseposture, Jul 09 2011

       Baked: the Earth (even without HHGG). You can conduct the experiment today, by going out of the street and asking your question of random organisms. I believe you'll find it doesn't work.
DrCurry, Jul 09 2011

       [DrCurry]//random organisms// The problem here is the usual one with survey research: how to get a random sample. People willing to discuss their religious views are somewhat self-selected.   

       Random sampling's easier if you do it Lem's way, but if you insist on using [fried_dwight]'s technique, then you're going to have to use alien UFO abductions to get meaningful results.
mouseposture, Jul 09 2011

       // build a planet//
I did that in 6th grade...you blow up a round balloon and then put paper- maché all over it and paint it.
xandram, Jul 09 2011

       [xandram] you're a goddess.
po, Jul 09 2011


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