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Gold Foil Ice Cubes

Gold cold thirst quenchers
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The thin walls go convex when the water freezes and concave when the water melts. The golden cubes would probably go over well in bars.
mensmaximus, Jan 25 2005

Goldschlager http://www.epinions...content_11907337860
[zen_tom, Jan 25 2005]


       I think the gold-leaf would break under the strain, though I do like that Goldschlager stuff, And I understand this idea, so [+] Going over well in the more oppulent bars sure.
zen_tom, Jan 25 2005

       Would you have gold-plated poop after drinking these?
robinism, Jan 25 2005

       The walls wouldn't be convex when frozen unless your mold is convex. Though I like the idea of almost perfectly cubical, shiny gold ice cube.
Worldgineer, Jan 25 2005

       [World] - why would the walls not be convex? Imagine these are like little square balloons, filled then welded shut. They are frozen free standing - they need no mold because they are contained. Wouldn't the walls bulge?
bungston, Jan 25 2005

       Ah, I had imagined them cast in forms like ice cube trays. I think the gold foil would have to be quite thick to support their own freestanding weight when liquid.   

       For really upscale bars you could just use cubes of gold, chilled to low temperatures. Diamonds would work well too.
Worldgineer, Jan 25 2005

       can you really chill diamonds?
theircompetitor, Jan 25 2005

       Certainly. Diamonds have a nicely high thermal conductivity, though are lacking a bit in heat capacity. So you could use them, but you'd need to use a lot of them to keep your drink very cold.
Worldgineer, Jan 25 2005

       You could use gold clad lead. But then people would be biting them to see if they were solid.
bungston, Jan 25 2005

       Dedicated to Johnny Carson, who must have single handedly stopped WW3 from starting at least once in his career. In times when one day's events would make us all hang our heads for lack of hope, he would somehow in a three minute monologue, in our fading hour, show at least one warm glimmer of humanity to make us smile.   

       Here's to Johnny, a man with a golden touch.
mensmaximus, Jan 25 2005

       If Julia Child could cook a meal in a solid gold frying pan, why not chill my drinks with gold cubes? [+]
Klaatu, Jan 25 2005

       So these are liquid-filled plastic, reusable ice-cubes, with a metallic coating?
robinism, Jan 26 2005

       I like it. More to the point, I can understand both the idea and [mm]'s annotations. [+]
david_scothern, Jan 26 2005

       <pedant> They would of course shrink, not expand when they thaw. Water is at its most dense at 4 degrees Celsius. </pedant>
hippo, Jan 26 2005


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