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Heavy ice cubes

Ice cubes with lead in
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Put a small lead ball covered with plastic in with the water when you make ice cubes. The ice cubes will sink to the bottom of your drink.

It's a funny surprise for your guests, a converstaion piece, an icebreaker.

Also it keeps the ice from your lips making the drinking easier.

zeno, Jul 23 2011

Heavy Water http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heavy_water
Deuterium [csea, Jul 24 2011]


       Is it possible to make a sugar solution which can be frozen to make heavier-than-water ice cube?   

       Oooh! Oooh! I just checked, and the density of pure ethanol is 0.79. Water is 1.0, and ice is 0.92.   

       So, ordinary ice-cubes should sink in a drink which is 50% ethanol (100 proof) or above. I am going to try this in the lab.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 23 2011

       Or just make them out of heavy water.
nick_n_uit, Jul 23 2011

       Could simply be made with heavy water [link] in which deuterium replaces the normal Hydrogen. A bit pricey, but certainly an ice-breaker.   

       (oops, just saw that [nick_n_uit] beat me to it.)
csea, Jul 24 2011

       Dry ice works just fine.

       + for [2_fries]!
csea, Jul 24 2011

       + for MB's veiled alcoholism!
daseva, Jul 24 2011

       [MB], i was thinking sugar glass but either way it would sweeten the drink, which is undesirable. I'm also wondering about using oxygen eighteen with deuterium and freezing it into a denser form than the kind of water ice wherewith we usually come into contact. I think some exotic types of ice are stable on the surface of this planet, but i could be wrong.   

       Edit: Unfeasible that there would be stable denser types of ice made of ordinary water, but deuterated water with heavy oxygen is twenty- two percent heavier, so frozen it would be heavier than water at the latter's densest point.
nineteenthly, Jul 24 2011

       Use unbreakable glass
pashute, Jul 24 2011

       Only if you've also got unbreakable teeth.
nineteenthly, Jul 24 2011

       Embed a little chain in each cube, with the free end attached to a heavy metal weight or anchor.
pocmloc, Jul 24 2011


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