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Gold Rush: I'll Ask Ya

You know...for digs.
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Although I am of the firm opinion that “Gold Rush: Alaska!”, currently on my backwater edition of Discovery Channel, exists purely to drum up demand for claims surrounding the misanthropes that are featured on the program and , for that matter, even for the claim as being worked by the showcased Neanderthals. Said surrounding claims having been bought for a song by the producers of the show. Said surrounding towns having been fed and clothed for years to come by the support crew and their insatiable appetite for wine ,women and song, but not necessarily in that order. Further, having, rather glaring, pointed out the incumbent miners’ lack of ability and lack of adherence to legislated health and safety protocols, notwithstanding the showing of nominal value in the aforementioned paydirt and concomitant value in paying for your safety training, inter alia… It behooves me to say; “I rip my folicking hair out!”. Normally, I would cowtow to the producer’s discretion. But I have been ruminating on this one, and I think there is a better way (besides the trivial answer of turn it off)! User interaction: Where user is defined as the content viewer.

In essence, whether I like it or not, I have sent this bunch of half-wits up into the arse end of the world to find gold (or not), or find it and then just wash it back into the hole it came from, purely on merit of my watching the program. It is a bit like Richard Bachman’s “Running Man”. Except I don’t get to kill them, although Cthulhu knows I want to. With great power comes great responsibility. And with small amounts of power should come small amounts of responsibility.

I propose a FAQ-type board, where these meanderthals can get some decent advice on the daily problems they face in the muck from the likes of moi, and moi aussi. It may face some scheduling problems. It may fall into the disinformation trap YahooAnswers found itself in. But FAQ it, they're making these mistakes anyway.

4whom, Apr 28 2012


       I've seen a bit of that show. You're assuming that the 'characters' would think to seek advice. You're also assuming that the 'characters' can read.
AusCan531, Apr 28 2012



       [+] ^
FlyingToaster, Apr 29 2012

UnaBubba, Apr 29 2012

MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 29 2012


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