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GoodToKnow Web Site

A collection of all of the little things you learn in life
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The Web presents an amazing collaborative opportunity, but so far it has been limited primarily to subjects such as history, science, or the combat records of obscure anime characters. This web site would be a collection of random facts that are simply "good to know" in your everyday life. For example, you can buy Zagnut bars in New York City at the bodega on 14th between 2nd & 3rd. Or maybe you could tell people about the motorcycle cop you always see hanging out behind a tree near a certain intersection. It's a repository for all sorts of useful information that would be hard or impossible to look up beforehand, but you wish you'd known in advance. Learn from other people's mistakes as well as their successes. You could either search for facts or simply browse useful items based on your area of interest (all facts about London, for example, or facts about automotive repair). And whenever you learn something useful that you think others might want to know about, you can share it, no matter how trivial a fact it might seem. If it was something you wished you'd known beforehand, doubtless somebody out there would like to know it too.
ytk, Jul 05 2009

Rules of Thumb http://rulesofthumb.org
[tatterdemalion, Jul 06 2009]

http://reddit.com [pashute, Jul 20 2015]

http://pinterest.com [pashute, Jul 20 2015]


       Blogs + search engines provide this. Where's the benefit of trying to squeeze it into a single site?
pertinax, Jul 06 2009

       /Blogs + search engines provide this./   

       Not really. Not everyone has a blog, and even those who do aren't going to think to post most of the useful little facts they learn throughout the course of their day. And search engines are useful if you know exactly what you're looking for and what the search terms are, but there's no way to browse them by category--and that's even assuming the information is out there somewhere. But with no place to easily post that kind of random information, a search engine is useless.   

       This is more akin to Twitter or other microblogging services, except instead of posting about what you're doing you post about something you've learned, and others can directly read, categorize, and respond to it. I can think of lots of tips about where to find things, the easiest way to do things, and so on that I'd like to share with others but don't really have a good way to do it.
ytk, Jul 07 2009

       I think a calender of this sort with a daily "good to know" thing would be pretty neat.   

       July 7: To find out if an egg is hard boiled or not without cracking the shell, spin it on a table and then quickly stop it and remove your hand. If the egg does not resume spinning, it is hard boiled, if it does, it is not.   

       I voted + because you might not know to search for a method of finding the above out if you hadn't read one time there actually was a way.
Zimmy, Jul 07 2009


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