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Goldberg's Gym

An integrated, holistic approach for better health
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Exercise bike man turns fan, which blows sails and winds up spool, raising mirror.

Muscle man sees himself in mirror and flexes. Muscle rips shirt, scaring sleeping cat.

Cat pulls rope which closes scissors, cutting string of balloon which rises, tipping lever which releases catch, dropping medicine ball. Medicine ball drops on toe of Muscle man, who throws it at target.

Target releases tension sprung hand which swats at bees circling honey who in turn chase jogger man.

Weight machine lifter rotates bench curl machine, pulling on middle of class 3 lever which is weighted by bucket of sweat from exercise bike man.

RayfordSteele, Oct 10 2007

Goldberg Variations http://en.wikipedia...Goldberg_Variations
[normzone, Oct 10 2007]

Goldberg http://en.wikipedia...berg_%28wrestler%29
I think this guy goes to the gym [Brett-Blob, Oct 12 2007]


       cats, bees, and balloons. how'd they get in the gym?
k_sra, Oct 10 2007

       Just another of the Goldberg Variations.
normzone, Oct 10 2007

       Of course in Britain we'd have to call it a Health Robinson device. [+]
Srimech, Oct 10 2007

       I'd like this if you'd suggested how it could operate continuously. The idea, as written, describes a gym which has about 30 seconds of exciting activity, followed by an hour or two of Goldberg's Gym staff setting up all the machines for the next 30 seconds of exciting activity.
hippo, Oct 11 2007

       That's okay, most of Rube's cartoons were non-continuous.   

       Wouldn't setting it up require more exercise?
RayfordSteele, Oct 11 2007

       If by Goldberg you mean the wrestler (refer link), then +
Brett-Blob, Oct 12 2007


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