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Free-fall Weight Loss

Employ free-fall to make weight loss more fun.
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Several buildings on campus here employ lightwells, vacant areas within the building framework that are open to the sky and which allow natural light in to even the lowest levels. While this design certainly saves on electric lighting I think that more can be done with these areas than just saving power.

In the center of the lightwell floor I would put an air cushion device of the type rescue units employ to save jumpers, and at the topmost level, preferably at least five or six floors up (a dozen would be better) I would have this lightwell access connected solely to the stairs.

Persons wishing to lose weight would register once and sign a waiver, then have to climb ALL the flights of stairs. There would be fingerprint scanners at all floors to ensure that the participant climbed all the flights of stairs and summarily unlock the door at the topmost level. Upon attaining the top they would leap gleefully into free space and enjoy the thrill of falling after their exertions, with the POOF! landing on the cushion. WHEEEEE!!

Thusly thrilled and empowered the participant would leap from the bag and scamper up the stairs to do it again.

Weight loss is expected to surpass levels typically found in distance runners.
whatrock, Oct 20 2020

Prior tracker system of weight loss punishment/reward Lift_2fStairs_20pun...t_2freward_20scheme
[xenzag, Oct 24 2020]


       // sign a waiver //   

       Presumably the intention is that, having climbed the stairs, they then throw themselves off and land on the airbag ?   

       If they don't jump, will they be pushed ?*   

       A waiver is a good idea, because there is a significant risk of injury and indeed death. People will be hurt. There will be whimpering, yells of pain, moans of anguish.   

       There needs to be a spectator's gallery. A pay-per-view webcam would be lucrative, particularly one that focuses on the expressions of the injured.   

       Excellent [+].   

       *We would like to register our interest in the rôle of coward-pusher.
8th of 7, Oct 20 2020

       // Throw themselves off //   

       Yup, fixed. Thanks.
whatrock, Oct 20 2020

       // a fingerprint scanner at all stair levels to record each person’s progress //   

       We suggest a one-way turnstile system, ensuring that "the only way is up" ... and then down ...
8th of 7, Oct 20 2020

       Any checks to see if the additive exercise is keeping pace with bone density loss?
wjt, Oct 24 2020

       *** Rewritten a bit.
whatrock, Oct 25 2020


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