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Gombach battery microparticles

Gombachs have a shape that always rotates one side up from gravity. Use an acoustic transducer to vibrate a battery at a high frequency while refilling it with electricity, the gombach locationized micro or nanoparticles physically orient towards the most rapid electricity recharge.
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When batteries are recharged many times, secondary structures like dendritic gobs accumulate. I think it is possible to sonically (or ultrasonically) vibrate the microparticles of battery reactant to be identically spatially oriented as well as physically separate. This would cause battery life to be longer, as well as cause batteries to have continual high original vitality. With the particles at their most reactive physical form, the battery would also recharge faster.

Of the shapes that ultrasound could vibrate towards identical orientation are the gombach [link] form as well as the resonant acoustic frequency shape.

I do not know if it is better to have an eentsy ultrasound transducer on the charging pad, or in the phone. The thing is I think jiggling the little particles could improve battery function.

Obpiezo: Piezo polymers at the structural layers of the battery.

beanangel, Nov 16 2016

Gömböc http://gomboc-shop.com/
These are very cool... [neutrinos_shadow, Nov 16 2016]


       Very small spinning cats...
RayfordSteele, Nov 16 2016

       [beanangel], you forgot your link. I got you covered.
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 16 2016


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