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Jello Swimming Pool

A true fat man's dream.
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So, I was at this swimming pool once, and I was thinking to myself "Hey... Why swim in water when you can slide through jello? So I called up some friends and told them to bring a lot of jello mix. We opened about 3000 boxes of that little crappy jello mix and poured it into the swimming pool and waited a while. It really didn't work... At all... It ruined my swimming pool though... But it's a pretty rad idea, right? If someone else trys it and gets it to work, le'me know.
PurplePanther, Jan 27 2006

use No Chill Jello http://www.classicf...ling&OVMTC=standard
[xandram, Jan 27 2006]

Why you shouldn't lay a refrigerator on its side... http://www.naturalh...lkfridgecracks.shtm
See the answer to the second Handyman question. [jurist, Jan 31 2006]

The scene of the accident http://static.flick...2737_08246b7ef2.jpg
[ht] was a good baker, up until that refrigerator/jello experiment. [Worldgineer, Jan 31 2006]

Fridgeful of jelly/jello http://obfuscatedho....com/photos/album/5
Was going to link to individual pictures, but as it turns out, they're bloody huge. [hidden truths, May 28 2006]


       you tried it, it didn't work. Face it, is was a bad idea then and it's no better for writing it up here [PurplePanther]
jonthegeologist, Jan 27 2006

       I saw someone make a custard swimming pool on tv. It took a *lot* of custard.
wagster, Jan 27 2006

       Assuming a 'normal' backyard pool size of 25 thousand gallons: Boil 12.5 thousand gallons of water; mix in 8333.3 packets of No Chill Jello; add 12.5 thousand gallons of cold water and stir. Viola!
Shz, Jan 27 2006

       I think I saw the custard pool to. Where they had the guy walk on it, which bring to mind: Would you even be able to swim in Jell-O? That stuff is pretty firm, even when outdoor-warm in the summer.
PollyNo9, Jan 27 2006

       Baked, by the Japanese.   

       My wife brought me home a pack of some mysterious substance that is designed to turn a tub of bathwater into Jello. It worked wonderfully, but was pretty difficult to clean up. There was another packet of 'mysterious substance' that was supposed to dissolve the Jello, but it only half worked, and it took several hours to drain and clean the tub - and wasn't worth it for the cheap thrill of floating in gelatinous goo.   

       You could fairly easily accomplish your goal I imagine, with minimal expenditure, but I'd be concerned with cleanup and safety. I'd hate to sink in the deep end, in Jello, unable to generate enough lift to keep my head out. What a way to go....
TIB, Jan 27 2006

       [marked–for-deletion] not an invention/is a recipe.
5th Earth, Jan 28 2006

       Seeing as how the topic seems to have passed considerably close and the idea doesn't seem to have have much of a shelf life, I may as well ask for opinions. I have been planning to use a miniature fridge to make one large cuboid of jelly (jello if you're Atlantically challenged). Can anyone think of any specific reasons why this won't work?
hidden truths, Jan 29 2006

       How are you going to get it out?
jutta, Jan 29 2006

       Well I was planning to eat it after the novelty wore off. It would probably involve a lot of cleaning beforehand and afterwards though.
hidden truths, Jan 29 2006

       [hidden truths]: Will the compressor on the refrigerator work properly if you lay your mini-fridge on its back? (Most won't.) If not, how will you get your liquid jello solution to remain inside the refrigerator until it has enough time to gel? You'll likely need to relocate the compressor to a new vertical position, which will probably require evacuating, resoldering, and ultimately recharging the refrigerant lines. Or, start with some form of horizontal chest-type refrigerator or freezer with manual thermostatic controls. Or, avoid the entire problem and make a new plastic tupperware-like open-topped container to neatly fit inside the dimensions of your fridge.   

       As to getting the jello out, you could preline the refrigerator (or tupperware tub) with a clear polyvinyl liner. You might use two or more layers of standard 3 mil painter's plastic dropcloth, but draped into the cavity of the refrigerator to act like a pond liner. Although it may require an assistant or two, it should pull straight up and out in one big cubic block of quivering gelatin that is easily unsheathed. Any offending wrinkles in the unmolded product can be easily carved off with an electric knife or length of taut monofilament line.
jurist, Jan 29 2006

       Aka Patch Adams.
RayfordSteele, Jan 31 2006

       bun for the thought of this guy trying to make his friends eat gallons of sloshy jello
toomer34, Jan 31 2006

       [hidden] - There are quite a few affordable, useful and ultimately profitable ideas in this place, and you're going to spend your weekend making what?
wagster, Jan 31 2006

       Gee, that'll teach me to add a constructive word of advice. I thought Jello, like Cosby, was universally appealing in its ability to provoke a smile.
jurist, Jan 31 2006

       It would be the noblest of deaths.
notmarkflynn, Jan 31 2006

       What can I say [wags], I like jello. And I'd been planning this for a while before this idea came out.   

       [jurist], in normal circumstances it will not work whilst on its back, however that seems to be only because the fan is blocked. By placing it with two tables holding it up, with the fan unimpeded, it seems to work normally. I may take your advice on the liner.   

       I'll put up some pictures if the idea is still around in a couple of days.
hidden truths, Jan 31 2006

       You may want to keep a close eye on that compressor, [hidden]. The general reason that you don't lay a compressor on its side is that the lubricating oils inside are shifted, which can cause the compressor's piston to cant over at an angle and become stuck, which will burn out the motor. The fan operation is only incidental at that point. See [link] for more.
jurist, Jan 31 2006

       "Famed Halfbaker Dies In Bizarre Jelly/Refrigerant Accident"   

       Careful [hidden].
wagster, Jan 31 2006

       See link for pictures.
Worldgineer, Jan 31 2006

       Cheers for the warnings/obituaries. I've finally linked the pictures now.
hidden truths, May 28 2006

       Does anyone know the viscosity of jelly(/o)?
NickTheGreat, May 28 2006

       every kids dream ever.
epicproblem, May 29 2006


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