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Good Mornin' Radio Alarm Clock

Wake up and smell the coffee/See the light
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For the past few weeks I've been waking up to the smell of delicious, strong coffee. I've set up an automatic coffee maker on my nightstand and have set it to start brewing at 7am. By 7:05 I'm listening to my favorite radio morning show and sipping a mug of coffee in bed (mind you, with my eyes still closed). It's a great way to start the morning. The only way it would be better is if there were an automatic switch to open the blinds to let the light into the room. The goal here is not having to get out of bed at all until it's time to really get up to start getting ready.

The Good Mornin' radio alarm clock would have a switch to brew coffee, and a remote control button to open the blinds at the bedroom window. The alarm part of the clock is Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly, and Donald O'Connor singing "Good Mornin' " from "Singin' in the Rain."

Machiavelli, Jan 31 2005

Makita Motorized drape system http://www.smarthome.com/3151.html
[robinism, Jan 31 2005]

Cheaper motorized drape. Works with X10. http://www.smarthome.com/3142.html
[robinism, Jan 31 2005]

Rainmill "Singing in the rain, singing in the rain......." [DesertFox, Feb 01 2005]

Dawn Simulators http://shop.store.y...dawnsimulators.html
A bit off topic. [Worldgineer, Feb 02 2005]

Curtain rod robot https://www.amazon....Motor/dp/B08NT68LRC
Connected to Alexa, of course. [Worldgineer, Mar 22 2021]


       I wanted this too. It ended up being too expensive/complicated for me to actually bake. I use a lightbox on an X10 timer instead. (There are also specialty alarm clocks you can buy with a lightbox built in). I'll add the links I found for remote-control automatable drapes.
robinism, Jan 31 2005

       The idea here is to combine all three elements into a single appliance for less clutter and easier access.
Machiavelli, Jan 31 2005

       ...VIETNAM! It's 0600, what's the 0 stand for, oh my God, it's early..."
RayfordSteele, Feb 01 2005

       Having flashbacks, [RS]?
Machiavelli, Feb 01 2005

       ``Hong Kong is the Land of the Shiny Green Suit.
tiromancer, Feb 01 2005

       But to get the music to play from an X10 mini-timer, wouldn't you need a separate cassette player plugged into an X10 appliance module, with "Good Mornin'" all cued up? More space-hogging than Machiavelli's compact invention. (I know, I tried!)
robinism, Feb 01 2005

       I know, but I don't know of CD players or MP3 players that you can start off an EXTERNAL timer. Radios, sure, but there's no guarantee they will be playing "Good Mornin'" just when you need it.
robinism, Feb 01 2005

       My Magnavox alarm clock has a CD player that I can cue to any track I want to go off as my alarm in the morning. I was thinking of something along those lines... I used to wake up to the Beatles' "Good Morning" but the rooster in the beginning of the song got to be really annoying.
Machiavelli, Feb 01 2005

       My CD player has an alarm too, but I don't use it because it can't trigger lights. The laptop (with an x10 interface) triggers both the music and lights (and soon - coffee!)
robinism, Feb 01 2005

Machiavelli, Feb 01 2005

       How is it any different from waking to the same 'BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP" every day? I'd say that's more craze-inducing. But, as my ma always says (among other things), to each his own.
Machiavelli, Feb 02 2005

       (a bit off topic) I have a dawn simulator (link) hooked up to some track lighting behind my bed aimed at the ceiling that slowly turns on, starting an hour before I get up. My radio turns on 15 minutes before my alarm, giving me time to wake up comfortably. The alarm is still there, but only as a punishment for not getting out of bed in time. I highly recommend this setup to anyone who is not a morning person.
Worldgineer, Feb 02 2005

       I now wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread because I've got a bread machine with a timer. I used to wake up to the sound of Radio 4 but developed the ability to sleep through it and at the same time incorporate the news bullettins - and occasionally, Charlotte Green - into my dreams.
hippo, Feb 03 2005

       `` I once fell asleep in front of the television, and has a dream about a carousel. When I woke up "My Little Pony" was on.
tiromancer, Feb 04 2005

       [Machiavelli], if I'm correct that you are valuing gradual yet increasing wakefullness and day-readiness... the elevation of the head is also very helpful. One of those electric multi-position beds could be automatically triggered.   

       I find that coffee also wakes up the bowels and wonder a very little whether you experience that and, if so, suppose it to be also a problem to be solved.   

       If I must get up before I'm ready, the method I use is to push one leg slowly over the edge of the bed, then the other. They help raise my upper half. I then lean forward off the bed until I rock up onto my legs and am forced to walk.
Mustardface, Feb 04 2005

       [Mustard], yes, gradually waking up is part of the solution to the problem, but the main one is not having to get out of bed for coffee and pulling the shades. A multi-position bed would certainly be helpful, also. That way I wouldn't have to hoist myself up so I can be in a semi-seated position to drink my coffee--the bed will just automatically change my position for me. That could be the upgraded model. And about your inquiring of my bowels...I haven't noticed a difference in their movement since I started drinking coffee in bed rather than in the kitchen. ???
Machiavelli, Feb 04 2005

       Yeah, we've discussed bringing the coffepot closer to the bedroom. I'll talk to my wife about it as an experiment in the bedroom tonight.
normzone, Feb 05 2014

       // I'll talk to my wife about it as an experiment in the bedroom tonight//   

       surely [marked-for-tagline]
theircompetitor, Feb 05 2014

       I came across the curtain rod robot (link) today and thought of this. Why I remember random halfbakery ideas from 16 years ago is beyond me.
Worldgineer, Mar 22 2021

       It happens to the worst of us, too.
21 Quest, Mar 22 2021


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