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Pasta Alarm Clock

ringaroni - self timing pasta
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Wind up the pasta clock and it starts ticking, because that's what clocks do. It's best to do this just prior to cooking, as this clock won't last long.

Drop it into a pot of boiling water and it keeps on ticking, its hard pasta cogs turning for a while, but soon enough it transforms into a Dali clock, all floppy and rubbery. A few stirs of the wooden spoon and it's reduced to its constituent parts. This is assisted by the winding spring, its only metal component, which explosively forces apart the yielding pasta cogs.

The winding spring is easily retrieved before serving.

xenzag, Aug 23 2011

Pasta_20spoons answers some of Calum's concerns re pasta cooking time in annotation [xenzag, Aug 23 2011]

The persistence of pasta http://farm4.static...4275_fa391080d7.jpg
[mouseposture, Aug 23 2011]


       Pasta is the new custard!
Alterother, Aug 23 2011


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