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Good Riddance Day

For the Brits
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Since we Americans celebrate Independance Day here on the 4th of July, me thinks the British should have a holiday to celebrate getting rid of us. I know you Brits do fireworks on Bonfire Night, so perhaps you would like to do something different. I'm not sure what though. Help me out here.lol
PinkDrink, Aug 01 2004


       Drink an extra cup of tea?
hippo, Aug 01 2004

       Maybe the Queen could make a ceremonial rude gesture outside the American embassy?
wagster, Aug 01 2004

       Yeah. She should flash her arse. This should also be broadcast over satellite to America. All American T.V. would be interruped at some certain time for a live broadcast of the Queen's mooning. Good Riddance! Could be written on her arse, but I think the words might get lost in some of the folds.
PinkDrink, Aug 01 2004

       Wouldn't do to be going in for gauche colonial style methods of celebration, so it'll have to be an almost imperceptible celebratory raising of the eyebrow.
calum, Aug 01 2004

       I do, but I was trying to decide on a tagline. well, i'll just e-mail you first.[half]
PinkDrink, Aug 01 2004

       As a Yank, may I suggest you call it Thanksgiving Day?
bpilot, Aug 01 2004

       Oh. Thought this was something about Green Day. + anyway.
destructionism, Aug 01 2004

       //it'll have to be an almost imperceptible celebratory raising of the eyebrow.//[calum] How British. ;)
PinkDrink, Aug 01 2004

       any reason to celebrate is good enough for me - bun
shinobi, Aug 01 2004

       I suggest this holiday to apply in every country that had colonies... like Spain, France, etc etc. Spanish are, I'm sure, greatful that they don't have to deal with mexicanos any more.
Pericles, Aug 01 2004

       It does seem a bit silly for the US to go on celebrating its independence, now that we're into the 21st century 'n' all. I mean, England even demonstrated its affection for us by tagging along on our latest "preventive war." (International law? Feh!)   

       But yes, this could work. It takes the wind out of your sails when the people you've defeated are glad to get rid of you. (Er, I'm speaking of England here, not the Iraqis...)
Ander, Aug 02 2004

       Nice one, pink. (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Aug 02 2004

       So long, and thanks for all the tax?   

       In the light of the event which sparked the war of independence, perhaps drinking tea would be a bit inappropriate eh?   

       How about all us brits spell things more fonetikly for the day?
dobtabulous, Aug 02 2004

       can we swap England for Britain please? it seems to be marginalising 3/4 of us!
po, Aug 02 2004

       The title made me think this was going to be some sort of anit-valintines day - a day for dumping your unwanted partner. I couldn't think of any benefit for that, except there would be lots of people to commiserate with for those that had been dumped.   

       Much prefer the real idea.
afrocelt, Aug 02 2004

       Every day is "Good Riddance Day"!
Cunninglinguist, Aug 02 2004

       In Georgia they call the U.S. civil war the "WAW-uh of NAW-uh-thun ag-GHRE-ssion". What do the Brits call the Revolutionary war?
GutPunchLullabies, Aug 02 2004

       what war is that then?
po, Aug 02 2004

       They've got independance? That'll never work!   

       Muffins, scones and biscuits to you!   

       Isn't gravy supposed to be brown?   

       What's he say, eh? Pass the ear horn.
WYBloke, Aug 02 2004

       I'd celebrate giving the heave-ho to all of my ex-girlfriends I've had. And blow stuff up with fireworks. Sounds like my kinda holiday! [+]
Letsbuildafort, Aug 04 2004

       If we (i.e. the British) were to celebrate every territorial loss with a public holiday there would only be a handful of working days left in the year...

...Hmm! Now that I re-read that sentence again...
DrBob, Aug 04 2004

       You know, there are some northerners who now sort of WISH we'd let the South secede...
TerranFury, Aug 04 2004

       [gutpunch] "That spot of trouble about tea and stamps"
gardnertoo, Jan 12 2006


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