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Demolish Scratchwood Services Using HMS Belfast's 6 Inch Guns

public event to reduce Scratchwood to rubble
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HMS Belfast is a WW2 light cruiser that's permanently on display on the River Thames in London. It's equipped with a formidable array of 6 inch guns which have as their permanent target the Scratchwood Services cafe on the M1 motorway on the outer edge of north London. (see link for details)

Scratchwood is of no particular merit other than to present itself as a suitable target for the spectacular demolition event which would be the outcome of the HMS Belfast firing its primary weapons. Being one of His Royal Highness's Royal Navy ships, I have do doubt that the weapons and their explosive shells are kept in pristine condition ready for any eventual need to fire at Scratchwood.

This would be an event of some celebration, with the trajectory pathway cleared of its population in case of any unfortunate shortfalls.

A public holiday would be declared, with the opportunity to be part of the large crowds that witnessed the firing of the guns and the corresponding impacts being shown on large video screens.

Pieces of the Scratchwood rubble would be sold off to canny souvenir hunters, with the resulting funds used to secure a rebuilding programme - the replacement perhaps put just out of range, and HMS Belfast's Guns targetted at another location.

xenzag, May 30 2024

HMS Belfast's primary target https://londonist.c...%20is%20intentional
[xenzag, May 30 2024]


       Was than not always the plan?
Loris, May 30 2024

       I suspect that the guns are more likely to demolish HMS Belfast than anything that they are being aimed at.
DrBob, May 30 2024

       [+] this is the best thing I've read all day.
a1, May 30 2024

       HMS Scratchwood; permanently on patrol in the Irish Sea for some entirely mysterious purpose.
pertinax, May 31 2024

       I imagine this idea could be expanded to feature other decommissioned ships that still have their weapon systems intact. Golf courses would be great targets for a sustained pounding, leaving them pitted like lunar landscapes, the craters ready to fill up with water and become wildlife havens.
xenzag, May 31 2024

       Scratchwood is about 12 miles from HMS Belfast, apparently somewhere near the maximum range of these guns.   

       Have you considered that Slough is only 22 miles to the West, upriver? If we moved the HMS Belfast to Isleworth, you could bombard Slough instead.
Loris, May 31 2024

       I think the privilege of bombing Slough is reserved for air forces.
pocmloc, May 31 2024

       It does seem like HMS Belfast could make serious money by undercutting everyone for all big demolition projects in a 10-mile radius
hippo, May 31 2024


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