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Google Arks

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Obviously someone at Google, has tunnelled through to the future.

Finding there a huge future spike in Adwords that use "canoe", "boat", "ship", "drown" and "bastard dolphins" they have guessed that the land will be inundated..

And so, realising the doom of humanity, and even worse, the Adwords revenue....they are constructing "barges" around the world.

Expect huge disclaimers on your Google Glass sometime soon.

not_morrison_rm, Nov 05 2013


       I wonder whether Google Glass will ever deploy "masking" technology to hide from view any corporately secret objects out in the real world - a kind of live "redaction" of physical objects?
Zeuxis, Nov 06 2013

       No, but if you ever use Bing search while wearing Google Glass, they'll overlay a Google logo on the screen.
hippo, Nov 06 2013

       I'm wondering how Google will get an entire zoo-full of animals , first, onto Treasure Island without government intervention, and then secondly, onto the newly constructed barge, in pairs.   

       The one thing that does make sense, though, is who bettter than Google would have a better handle on all of the satellite photos of our Earth, the means to measure the rate of declination of glacial masses, and the atendant rise in ocean levels?
jurist, Nov 06 2013

not_morrison_rm, Nov 06 2013


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