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Google Colour

Exactly what shade is 'papayawhip'?
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Just type in the name of a colour into the Google search bar, and get a screenful (as well as all the RGB, CMYK values, pantone numbers etc)
zen_tom, Dec 21 2005

This helped me find "buff" http://tx4.us/mr/mrffc.htm
[Worldgineer, Dec 21 2005]

Color code tool http://caro.jp/cctool.htm
[Shz, Dec 21 2005]

This is papaya whip http://pics.drugsto...img/84893/fancy.jpg
Per, well, Google. [DrCurry, Dec 21 2005]

This is papayawhip http://users.rcn.co.../COLOR/PAPAYAW.html
Again, per Google. [DrCurry, Dec 21 2005]

This is papaya whip http://douweosinga....tence=papaya%20whip
Google [Worldgineer, Dec 22 2005]

Baked! http://douweosinga.com/projects/wordcolor
[Worldgineer, Dec 22 2005]


       colours on the screen vary between monitors so while this is a good idea (and is getting a bun) it may not be completely accurate
miasere, Dec 21 2005

       Perhaps, but with something like the prefix "col:" behind it, like when you're searching for a definition.
Honduras, Dec 21 2005

       //papayawhip// dunno about the shade but it sounds delicious.
po, Dec 21 2005

       ////papayawhip// dunno about the shade but it sounds delicious// Sounds painful to me!
coprocephalous, Dec 21 2005

       ... as in whipped cream
po, Dec 21 2005

       Papayawhip is an X11 colour. That's where the majority of those named colour entities in web graphics come from.
Ian Tindale, Dec 21 2005

       For some reason I thought that this was going to be a tool where you scanned in a picture and sent it to Google to colour in for you, but this makes much more sense. Google now does a similar thing with music (try searching for Elton John) so this would be easy to implement, I'm sure. Well done also on putting the 'u' in 'colour'.
dbmag9, Dec 22 2005

       I'm fairly sure that he didn't start the "u" in color trend. I think it was Charlemange, or Henry the 8th.
notmarkflynn, Dec 22 2005


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