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The Other search engine

Moto: You wont be listed here if you are already listed in popular search engines.
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Some time you get frustrated because you don't seem to find what you want in the popular search engines. In spite of their claim the search engine doesn't cover the entire web. If you ever created a web page and tried to list it in the Engine, you would agree with me. So the idea is to create a search engine database with the main philosophy, "If you get listed in other popular search engines, we remove your URL from our database". So our database always reflects the "Other" (neglected) part of the web. If the user searches in popular web pages and he doesn't find any he goes to the "Other Search Engine". At least he wont be shown the same list of junk which he already went through in the so called popular search engines.
my2cents, Dec 28 2001

Million Short http://millionshort.com/about.html
Something close to this idea. [my2cents, Apr 30 2012]


       Can't wait for "The Other Internet."
snarfyguy, Dec 29 2001

       Peter: Pr0n sites have taken to putting dictionaries worth of words in either hidden text or their meta tags, so that EVERYTHING comes to them.
StarChaser, Dec 29 2001

       I have a friend who once said that a few years ago, almost every web search would end up finding porn. I'm not sure whether this was due to what he was searching for or nasty tricks like [StarChaser] described.
cp, Dec 29 2001

       Cp, he's right. Unless a search is very tightly bound, pretty much anything will find pr0n of some sort. I did a search for a model number and the word 'nixie' <an old display tube> and STILL got 'Cum see my heavy h00ters'.
StarChaser, Dec 30 2001

       Somehow Google never seems to find porn, hadn't thought of it, but it doesn't.Search engines are getting smarter, they can ignore same colored text for instance. The real problem for me is that they are too slow, you can't readily find new information
gus2, Jan 11 2002

       True -- and that's only going to get worse as the net gets bigger.   

       Is Google's adult filter on by default? It's on for me, but I may have changed it some time ago...
mwburden, Jan 11 2002

       my2cents, You are right on the money! As I understand it, StarChaser's suggestion only works AFTER you have convince Google, etc to have a link to your page. It does not (AFAIK) help to get your page added to the database. For some reason, Google, Altavista (the ones that I've tried) won't list your page by default. Some (unknown to me) criteria exists that filters out homepages that people try to add. I have tried to add three different (personal) homepages to search engines over the last few years without success. Kindof the pits considering that circa 1995 I remember having lots of fun reading peoples personal web pages. Today I was going to post the idea for "Personal Web Pages only"; I think you've captured the concept here brilliantly. Me vote bread good.
funp, Jun 03 2003


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