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Google Maps Aerial Photo Game

like my last idea but with no death
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you play a pilot of a light aircraft who's job it is to take aerial photographs of specific areas. You fly a little 8-bit style aircraft sprite , which is superimposed over google maps. You have to take a number of photos whilst in the air and then return to your base where you can sell them to various government agencies for use in military operations, or alternativley sell them to the world best known search engine for use in an online map thing which allows people to see what earth looks like from a long way up.
walkerbelm, May 25 2005

google maps http://maps.google.com
Its like a map, but online. check it out [walkerbelm, May 25 2005]

Find the Landmark http://heyletsgo.com/gmapsgame.php
No cool spy planes, but you do get to look around for cool things on a map! [yef, Jul 18 2005]

Google Maps flight simulator http://www.isoma.net/games/goggles.html
Fly a little airplane over google maps. Arrow keys, a-z for speed, space to shoot. No photos. [jutta, Jan 06 2007]


       Sounds fun! More points for accuracy of the photos! Less for less accuracy.   

       Instead of using a boring Google map, use a actual sattelite map. It's easy, I found this awesome program called Keyhole (see <link>). It allows you to see the entire world from sattelite! It is updated daily, and you scroll down to see even people! You cannot really see people, mostly cars. They look a bit fuzzy anyway.
EvilPickels, May 25 2005

       google maps is (almost) keyhole. Google bought keyhole and uses their technology. Google Earth IS keyhole, for all practical purposes.
Freefall, Jul 18 2005

       I like NASA WorldWind.   

       Since they have national border data built in, I'd really, really like to turn it into RISK.
TerranFury, Jul 19 2005

       hey, thats hilarious jutta even though I am a pretty lousy pilot.
po, Jan 06 2007

       If this game is to succeed, there need to be more action.... foriegn spies trying to shoot you down, a big storm that you have to fly through, time requirements, etc. etc.
flynn, Jan 06 2007


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