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Fark Photo Hunt

Adapt the coin-op bartop game to use photoshop contest pictures.
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I don't know how prevalent these are, but in Austin, Texas we have a lot of these video games that sit on bars; they typically have a menu of various games like strip poker, space invaders, jeopardy and so on. It's usually got a touch-screen and a couple of buttons. My favorite game on these machines is called Photo Hunt. It shows two images side by side and you have to pick out the differences. The alterations are sometimes very difficult to spot, because of the skill of the people who modify the photos.

With photoshop contests like the ones hosted by fark.com, there's an endless supply of content. Write an application that extracts the images from the fark.com website, picks out the original (usually the first image posted), and then finds successive images in the thread that have the smallest deltas to the original. Then use these as content for the photo hunt game.

You'd get some pretty funny, topical and very timely photo hunts.

banksean, Jan 10 2003

Spot the Clifference http://www.b3ta.com/spot-the-clifference/
Kind of what's described. Requires Flash. [Note for non Brits: Cliff Richard is a botox-toting sexagenarian singing sensation who has never even kissed a girl.] [my face your, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Critical Seeker http://www.photohunt.com-http.com/
Windows game, free trial, then ~$15. [jutta, Aug 08 2005]

ePhotoHunt http://dragoncastle.net/ephotohunt/
Online game. Options are "general" and "male erotica" (!) [jutta, Aug 08 2005]


       These spot-the-difference games become much easier when you cross your eyes to the point that the two images overlap. The differences are mostly very easy to notice at this point although smaller differences can still get by you.   

       Hm ... I bet cross-eyed folks are common in bars after a few drinks too.
seawana, Jan 28 2003

       My wife loves to play this game at the local shopping centres, so I thought I would search the new to see if there was a PC version around.   

       I have just found a site that contains this game in downloadable format including lots of level packs.   

       It is available for PC, linux, sun and other platforms.   

       I am currently downloading it, so I cannot rate this version, but it is available at: http://www.daft.cistron.nl/daftgames/findit2/   

       Hope I can save someone else from having their wife spend all the loose change on this game, but I am contemplating the amount of time she will spend on the computer instead.... Might just keep this game for myself afterall.
anon123, Dec 02 2003


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