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Google Maps Shoot Em up

Shoot em up using google maps as the background
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basically , a classic top-down scrolling shootemup, Armed police batrider style, with google maps as the background .Lets you fight waves and waves of enemy over whatever part of america you like.

ideally would let you change altitude whilst flying in any direction (zoom in and out) not sure if this would be possible to do both at the same time).

walkerbelm, May 24 2005

armed police batrider http://www.klov.com...tter=A&game_id=6924
[walkerbelm, May 24 2005]

Hull http://www.penkiln-.../hull_twin_sign.jpg
an appreciation, by Bill Drummond. [calum, May 24 2005]

Wonder how many people would shoot THIS! http://maps.google....,0.006727&t=k&hl=en
See for yourself. If your smart you'll guess it first try. Crappy picture, but you'll get the point. (Hint: RICH!!!) [KoolKat2500, Jul 01 2005]

Animated invasion of Microsoft on Google Maps http://sra.itc.it/p...aps/gmaps_hack.html
[waugsqueke, Jul 01 2005]


       //Armed police batrider//
Imagines a tiny Sting saddled precariously atop a vampire bat, ricocheting about the violet night sky, the bat squeaking and and Sting blasting away with an appropriately resized handcannon.
calum, May 24 2005

       Why restrict yourself to America?
DocBrown, May 24 2005

       I'd love to fight in the skies above Chiswick, Chester, or Basingstoke but google maps uk has a poo level of resolution. will there be a google maps japan?
walkerbelm, May 24 2005

       If I was fighting above Basingstoke, I'd be continually distracted by the urge to bomb it! Would Google Maps Japan include dynamic location update for Godzilla and the rest of the giant beasties?
DocBrown, May 24 2005

       I would like to bomb Hull. Just for a laugh , like.
walkerbelm, May 24 2005

       Great idea. Just change the title from "google maps" to "satellite photo maps". Google's great, but it's not like they took the photos, or will be the only or best one to do so in the future.
sophocles, May 24 2005

       Did Hull ever do anything do you?
This sounds like something that a terrorist would use as training.
hidden truths, May 24 2005

       Bomb Slough, let the ghost of John Betjeman rest.
calum, May 24 2005

       No, absolutley nothing wrong with Hull. I could have quite easily said Wrexham, Newton-le-Willows or Harrogate. I just wish they would hurry up and make google maps uk higher resolution, so in the GAME it is possible to target specific buildings with minimum risk of collatoral damage.   

       Terrorists? What?
walkerbelm, May 24 2005

       Hull, the mortal enemy of Grimsby. I don't know why.
spiritualized, May 24 2005

       Lighten up a bit [hidden truths]. If you take a look at the first link it'll become obvious that this could never be a terrorist training tool...until they all fly giant rocket ships anyway.
DocBrown, May 25 2005

       Dark version: visit Dresden in a Lancaster.   

       Maybe not.
wagster, May 25 2005

       Now that Google has released its map API, there's all sorts of fun to be had (link).
waugsqueke, Jul 02 2005

       //This sounds like something that a terrorist would use as training.//   

       I had similar thoughts when reading about google's idea. Not only terrorists, but it would be great for invasion planning as well.   

       pilots briefing room - projector pulls up Google Maps and Da Briefer takes out her laser pointer to mark electrical, water, television, etc. infrastructure. "ok ladies, get some rest and we fly at 0400."
Zimmy, Jul 02 2005

       It isn't as though I am against random destruction. That would be crazy talk. I am questioning the idea of bombing real places (and I do realise that this originated in the anno's rather than the idea).   

       I haven't quite figured out why but I have a strong feeling that Cornwall deserves bombing.
hidden truths, Jul 02 2005

       "Lets you fight waves and waves of enemy over whatever part of America you like"   

       Fill America with imaginary enemies and then declare war on them? Baked, George Bush has done that for years.
RBStimers, Jul 03 2005

       On the whole the idea has merit, and the game would be fun... if you like that sort of thing.   

       Have to agree though that it wouldn't be much good for a terrorist training tool; certainly no more effective than simply using Google Local today the way it is.
kdmurray, Nov 09 2006


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