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Google Private

Secure Google interface
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Google Private provides an interface to Google that encrypts every search term and sends it through secure servers, thus preventing the recording of IP address and other private data, and securing the privacy of the searcher and ensuring intellectual freedom.
JesusHChrist, Mar 16 2006

(?) Google privacy case http://news.com.com...1199_3-6049919.html
[JesusHChrist, Mar 16 2006]

Google: private http://www.google.c...rch?hl=en&q=private
[methinksnot, Mar 16 2006]

(???) This might interest you. www.google.com
[jellydoughnut, Mar 16 2006]


       Earlier, I sent an suggestion to Google to add a Privicy Audit section to it's applications - to review current settings and tell you what your PC's telling others!
Dub, Mar 16 2006

       Take this to Google.   

       My lump of cheese for the day.
skinflaps, Mar 16 2006

       Use Anonimizer
theircompetitor, Mar 16 2006

       I understood this to be Google Privates, which is so well baked.
bungston, Mar 16 2006

       Correctly adding a link is such a challenge.
bristolz, Mar 17 2006

       I posted that link so that users without internet access could see what the inventor and annotaters of this idea were talking about.
jellydoughnut, Mar 17 2006

       //What's internet?//   

       Mostly sea dwelling creatures.
skinflaps, Mar 17 2006

       Maybe just get a bunch of anonymous proxies in various countries and route your searches through them. Everything can ultimately be traced if one had access to everyone's logs, but not everyone keeps logs and not everyone is required to submit to the demands of a given authority.   

       Simply encrypting your searches won't help much if at all. It could prevent sniffing, but not subpoenas.   

       Staying neutral on this one...
DarkEnergy, Mar 17 2006

       //Great for child pornography too.// There's nothing amusing about child pornography. I'd bet you knew that though. This is a disappointing idea.
zigness, Mar 17 2006

       [Jesus] - I suspect those fishbones relate to your last couple of sentences, not the idea itself.
wagster, Mar 17 2006

       Bone for that second to last sentence. And I'm going to hit you with a sledgehammer, too.
DesertFox, Mar 17 2006

       How about an option to make a search that won't be given to the government. So on the main page or in browser you type it in, then click a different search button. Then google has some room to compromise, they can withold the logs from searchers that requested privacy, and give away all the others. I don't know if this is reasonable, ie technically, practically, whatever.
miggavin, Mar 19 2006


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