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Google Value

Customizable display of the change in # of hits for diferent word combos over time.
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Maybe this should be called Google Hits or Google Pulse.

It would be a customizable Google feature that saves search-term-combinations and displays them in chart-form with the change in their associated number-of-hits over time.

The purpose would be to be able to see when there was a change in what people were talking about.

The eventual goal would be to be able to see the updates in real-time, like looking at the vital signs of a patient.

It would be like a stock market of words, displaying the change in value that people place on words and word combinations.

The only problem would be word-spammers and word- viruses etc, but you always have that problem and you always deal with it.

JesusHChrist, May 05 2005

Google Zeitgeist http://www.google.c...ress/zeitgeist.html
Baked - sort of. This tracks queries, not actual references to those terms. [krelnik, May 07 2005]


       I don't think this would exacerbate the problem any more than it is already given the number of similar services out there, and since there is no solution as elegant as you describe (or Google would implement)... Buns up!
justaguy, May 06 2005

       You might want to make the display logarithmic.   

       And filter out certain words, simply because they'll distort the plot to the point of being uninteresting.
Detly, May 06 2005

       So, it checks on the number of... hits, and it puts that number in a... chart, and I look at the chart and say... "oh, well, that's alot of hits there for that one!" and then I...'m completely lost.   

       Though, I've always wondered, when people are looking up info for jennifer lopez, do they more often type "jennifer lopez", or "j lo"... Which one is better?!?   

       Hmm... your machine may service my mind...
daseva, May 06 2005

       Google had this under their zeitgeist for quite some time.
contracts, May 06 2005

       The purpose would be to be able to see when there was a change in what people were talking about.
JesusHChrist, May 06 2005

       msn already has "most popular" lists and shit like that.
daseva, May 06 2005

       An example would be, if Ford was considering merging with Chrysler or Toyota, putting in the search-term- combos, "Ford Chrysler" and "Ford Toyota" and then watching how many times each combo is mentioned on the web, and also watching for any sudden jumps in the nuber of times one or the other was mentioned on the web -- to see if you could predict which merger would happen by what the general consesus was.
JesusHChrist, May 06 2005

       One of the tools Google provides to advertisers shows how popular terms are. I don't know if this is only for query terms, or terms on external sites as well.   

yppiz, May 08 2005


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