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Google Supermarket Search

Don't know what aisle wax beans are on? Do a search.
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Imagine this, you're on vacation and you desperately need to find some Field Peas, Miracle Grow, and some Sheepskin Condoms in some unfamiliar supermarket. Sure you could ask and risk some pimpled-voice-changing-she-man cracking up in your face, or you could simply whip out your web enabled phone and do a search over at google.com/supermarket. It either recognizes your location via GPS or cell tower triangulation, or by you simply telling it where you are. Put in your search text and instantly get the exact location of your odd articles as well as a 10% coupon for your precious Sheepskin lovelies.

Google has spent tons of cash and time laboriously snapping shots of our house fronts, why wouldn't they be able to tap into the inventory system of willing supermarket chains?

ChesterDrawers, Feb 07 2008


       Who pays for the 10%?
Texticle, Feb 07 2008

       Can google index my possesions too? Where would we want to draw the line?
WcW, Feb 08 2008

       From my infamous idea--"Supermarket Efficiency Regulations":   

       // This sounds like an application for route planning software and a local positioning system.   

       Attach the SPS (Supermarket Positioning System) to the trolley, punch in your favourites, and then listen:   

       "Turn left at aisle 10" "Tins of beans 3ft on left" "No, your other left" Ling, Oct 11 2007 [delete]   

       The SPS is in the planning stages...I'm still figuring out the simplest map system necessary so users may quickly make a rough map for the system to follow.   

       Some stores offer a map, which is helpful, although none of the maps have a standard format, and none of them are very accurate either.   

       The alpha version will run on headless (that is, no GPS) on my GP2X game console. Spacecoyote, Oct 11 2007//
Spacecoyote, Feb 08 2008

       Many supermarket chains in UK use substantially the same layout for all of their stores, so if you know where the shrimp and Marmite-flavoured doughnuts are in your local store, you can find them in the one in Skegness.
angel, Feb 08 2008

       Yes, we need this.   

       ...but are we likely to get it? Is it not likely that supermarkets know they make profit from people buying things as they wander in search of something else?   

       [+] because I'd use this.
david_scothern, Feb 08 2008

       Really curious as to what activity would require field peas, Miracle Grow and sheepskin condoms...
RayfordSteele, Feb 08 2008


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