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low cost flight

time not a constraint
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I read this

www.telegraph.co.uk/ news/2017/06/30 /student-flies- london -via-spain- cheaper-train/

and was wondering why not have a website which suggests the flight from origin to destination, the most economical way...irrespective of how much of detour it involves

is there something like this already in place? apologies if it is.

ravi kris334, Sep 15 2017

Link from idea. http://www.telegrap...pain-cheaper-train/
[scad mientist, Sep 17 2017]

Going my way? https://en.wikipedi...air_recovery_system
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 17 2017]


       Finally another calculation, for aircraft travel path super computers, to minimize returning seats. All the better if all the airline companies traded seats.
wjt, Sep 16 2017

       A decent idea, especially if it includes lots of local transport... "Ben's oxcart for $2 from the ferry to Ogden's cowpasture where old Willy will fly you in an arguably older cropduster to the field next to the train station in the next county over..." stuff like that.
FlyingToaster, Sep 16 2017

       FlyingToaster: sounds like the last time I tried to use traveline to plan a journey...
prufrax, Sep 17 2017

       If it didn't say "Walk to the trebuchet on the riverbank (NE, 2 mins 30 secs)" then it's not Traveline ...
8th of 7, Sep 17 2017

       Must contain at least one instance of the word "portage".
FlyingToaster, Sep 17 2017

       Hitchhiking would always win except for water crossings, although I have read about people successfully hitchhiking at small aircraft airfields.
beanangel, Sep 17 2017

       That's by far the best place to do it, because once the plane's airborne it's really quite difficult to pull over and pick you up, even if they do see you waving.
8th of 7, Sep 17 2017

       //because once the plane's airborne it's really quite difficult to pull over and pick you up, even if they do see you waving.//   

       Possible though.
I was certain I learned of this from one of your past [link]s
Balls of steel those lads had.

       A very TARDIS centric way to move the self haphazardly through life. Well done.
wjt, Sep 19 2017


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