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Goose Down Underwear

MMmmm soft AND sexy
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I was helping a friend buy a pillow today, and i found one that had a price tag of $149 AUS! I couldnt believe it, but damn it felt soft. So my mind instantly wandered to where I could also appreciate such goosey feathered comfort . . . A specially insulated goose down pair of undies would not only add support and comfort, but would also provide warmth during those winter months.

Sitting for hours on the tram would be a delight!

The bulges would be a little unsightly for public wear - but much like the calvin klein - show your unsightlies craze, a feather or two billowing from your trousers would suggest your loyalty to genital and bottom comfort. . .

benfrost, Mar 29 2001

google search for "goose down"+"underwear" http://www.google.c...2%2B%22underwear%22
Loads of links. Firewall restrictions prevent me from delving any further, fortunately. [DrBob, Mar 29 2001]


       Not to mention lower your sperm count. oops I just did.
thumbwax, Mar 29 2001

DrBob, Mar 29 2001

       no, i mean put a goose down your underwear.
benfrost, Mar 29 2001

       touche zippyanna!
benfrost, Oct 03 2001

       I'm not typing out the full three pages, but here's a short extract from Rabelais's 16th Century novel Gargantua, Chapter 13; How Grandgousier realized Gargantua's marvellous intelligence, by his invention of an Arse-wipe:   

       Then I wiped myself with a hen, a cock, and a chicken, with a calf's skin, a hare, a pigeon, and a cormorant, with a lawyer's bag, a penitent's hood, with a coif, with an otter. But to conclude, I say and maintain that there is no arse-wiper like a well-downed goose, if you hold her neck between your legs. You must take my word for it, you really must.   

       Just thought you'd appreciate that, benfrost.
Guy Fox, Oct 03 2001

       [benfrost] describing yourself as the Goose Down Under is a little harsh :)
ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 28 2006


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