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heat-sensitive underwear

Dissapears when aroused
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I shouldn't really be suggesting this because its inappropriate and unrealistic but these clothing items can be thermal and moisture sensitive so when you and your loved one are in a state of passion you don't have to worry about fumbling with the panties...... Or on those hot summer days when you can't stop picking the boxers from your crack they jsut dissapear. Perhaps the seams could be bound together by a material that dissolves very quickley when in contact with body sweat/ or heat or just water for that matter. And when the stitches dissolve the underware are "shed" and believe me once people realize it's the new fashion they won't be very surprised when peoples undergarmets begin to fall from their pant legs on blistering summer days.
RobEC, Jul 22 2000


       It would be wierd!!! but what about those times when you get hot and you want no one to know.......
tigger, Nov 29 2000


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