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Government preparations for the collapse of London Bridge

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There is, in the UK Government, quite a lot of preparations for the death of Queen Elizabeth II. There is a detailed set of plans, codenamed “Operation London Bridge” part of which requires a civil servant to inform the prime minister that “London Bridge is down”.

Clearly the massive flaw in this is if London Bridge actually does collapse for some reason. The UK Government needs another, complementary, set of plans codenamed “Operation QEII” to be put into effect in case London Bridge collapses.
hippo, Sep 03 2021

Operation London Bridge https://www.theguar...-dies-london-bridge
[hippo, Sep 03 2021]


       Or perhaps you could call the london bridge collapse operation My Fair Lady.
Loris, Sep 03 2021

       This reminds me of the Stirling work done by "Inspector Sands" at large public facilities in the UK, no doubt he'd be on the case too.
zen_tom, Sep 03 2021

       Of course we all know she's a cadaver that's been propped up with silver and gold for years now.
RayfordSteele, Sep 03 2021

       no idea, I bow to your knowledge.
po, Sep 03 2021

       [ray] what?
po, Sep 03 2021

       Wonder what the coded terms are if something befalls Charles and he goes first? I'm going suggest "The engine has seized in the Morris Minor"
xenzag, Sep 04 2021

       Well, if they wanted to continue the theme 'the Severn is down' perhaps?
Skewed, Sep 04 2021

       Charles is “Operation Menai Bridge” because that’s a bridge in Wales
hippo, Sep 04 2021

       The problem with Operation QEII is that there's also a London QEII bridge.   

       So you'd need an Operation QEII (for the “London Bridge” London bridge) and an Operation QEII(II) (for the other London bridge)   

       Oh, and then there's the the ship QEII (Queen Elizabeth 2 - so typically British that it's not actually named after Queen Elizabeth II, but the second ship named after her mother, Queen Elizabeth (but not Queen Elizabeth I) So you would need would an Operation QEII(II(II)) too, in the event that that sank.   

       It's a good job we don't have a ship named Queen Elizabeth II. It's interesting that the current aircraft carrier the Queen Elizabeth is named after the ship the Queen Elizabeth, which was named after the Queen Queen Elizabeth I. So, to prepare for the aircraft carrier sinking, there would need to be an Operation QEI(II(II)) just to be prepared for that. Too.   

       Good. That's all clear then.
Frankx, Sep 04 2021

       I've just discovered that there's another Queen Elizabeth bridge in Windsor (just outside London) - where the main royal palace is, so potential for confusion there too.   

       This one is named after Queen Elizabeth I.   

       Actually, there's at least four other Queen Elizabeth II bridges, three in the UK.
Frankx, Sep 04 2021

       Nice to know that the British government has preparations for all the important things. I'm sure the Afghans that they left behind in Kabul will be immensely gratified.
DrBob, Sep 05 2021


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