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Graf Zeppelin 1929 follow up

Goolge Earth map, public survey and reconstructed world tour
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First thing is to look at the movies and reconstruct the height distance and speed, to make a google earth mapping.

Then try to find artifacts like the water bottles dropped from the Zeppelin in order to overcome the Himalayas.

Find the locations where they stayed and send locals to gather memorabilia of the visit and post it on the survey site.

Find omissions of movie sections, sounds and still images from the BBC movie and create conspiracy theories about why they were done.

Finally, create a festival where hot air balloons, blimps, airships, ultralight aircraft, helicopters, gyrocopters, biplanes, military jets and just plane old airplanes take the path of the Graf Zeppelin, taking pictures of what its like today, taking care to steer away from East Ukraine, Syria and Lebanon.

pashute, Sep 14 2014

1929 trip with eerie "modern" music in background http://www.youtube....watch?v=o0sM5hMeqlo
[pashute, Sep 14 2014]

Aggravating BBC video http://www.youtube....watch?v=d4jq7oRxw-g
[pashute, Sep 14 2014]




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