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science: health
Subcategories of "science: health":
Accident Protection    Acupuncture    Aid 
AIDS and HIV    Alcohol Abuse    Allergy 
Antibiotic    Anus    Arthritis 
Artificial Joints    Artificial Limbs    Artificial Organs 
Bad One Night Stand    Bandage    Biometrics 
Birth Control    Blood    Body Odor 
Caffeine    Cancer    Cloning 
Condom    Coronavirus    Deep Vein Thrombosis 
Defecation    Dental    Deodorant 
Depression    Diagnosis    Dieting 
Disease    Disinfection    Dream 
Drug    Ear    Emergency Rescue 
Emotion    Ergonomics    Eye 
Fingernails    Flatulence    Foot 
Genetics    Grooming    Hair 
Healthcare    Heart    Horse 
Hospital    Hygiene    Immortality 
Immunization    Insect Repellant    Longevity 
Lycanthrophy    Massage    Memory 
Menstruation    Mental    Mental Exercise 
Mouthwash    Nail    Nutrition 
Obesity    Pain    Personality 
Pheromone    Pills    Placebo 
Pregnancy    Public Bathroom    Respiratory 
Saliva    Seasonal Affective Disorder    Sexual Aid 
Sexually Transmitted Disease    Shaving    Skin 
Sleep    Smoking    Sperm Donation 
Stress Relief    Stupidity    Suicide 
Surgery    Temperature    Urination 
Vascular    Vitamin    Vomiting 
Walking Aid    Washing Kit       

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 (+7, -1)  Acoustic surface feels better than scratching 
 (+4, -1)  ADE or "Attention Deficit Excellence" 
 (+1)  AID4IAD internet addiction disorder 
 (+1)  Alzheimer's prevention lithium depot injection 
 (+2, -4)  Amoebas cure cancer atherosclerosis as well as viral diseases 
 (+5)  Ancient Chinese Pain Relief Hammer 
 (+3, -1)  A new source of natural sunscreen chemicals 
 (+7)  Anesthesia Awareness Detection Device 
 (+3, -1)  antiperspirant medical diagnostic 
 (+6, -2)  Bad breath meter 
   Belching Class 
 (+7)  Bi-Directional Ratchet Syringe 
 (+6)  Biofilth 
   Biopoints of Failure 
 (+2, -4)  Blissbelting neurointerface 
 (+7, -2)  Body-heat Handwarmer Stone 
   Cable box shoots lifesaving microprojectiles 
 (-1)  CAD/Cartoon modesty camera chip 
 (+2)  Cheap Face Mask 
 (+6, -4)  Clubs for teens 
   Confidential public-access genome database 
   Contagious Cures 
 (+2)  Decoy Heart 
 (+2)  Drinkable perfluorocarbon blood substitute prevents SIDS 
   electronifty jello concentrates body fluid making tests more accurate 
 (+2, -1)  Encrypted QR Medical Bracelet with genetic information 
 (+6, -5)  Eugenics Mouth mint 
 (+8)(+8)  Fanny Counterweight 
   Fish living on the side of your head 
 (+7)  Geiger gas 
 (+5, -3)  HennaDEET as well as HennaSPF are orders of magnitude longer lasting 
 (+4, -1)  Hoarders Without Borders 
 (+4)  Hypoxic Sleep Chamber 
 (+9)(+9)  Immunization Sandbox 
 (+3, -1)  Immuno-Gym 
 (-1)  improve medical ultrasound with overlain sonic grid 
 (+2, -1)  Indoor air pollution (NOx) zapper 
 (+1)  Infrared Therapy Bed 
 (+2, -1)  Is he really dead? 
 (+2)  Jell-Go 
 (+7, -2)  magic bread 
 (+2, -11)(+2, -11)  make money fast with generous breasts 
 (-3)  Means to determine if health harming foe is destroyed 
 (+3, -2)  measure children's health with lunchroom imaging 
   Medical conviction 
   Medical Glossary of signs & symptoms 
 (+5, -2)  medical tapes 
   Medical training for all 
 (+6)  mental illness advice card 
   Microbiome Rehab 
 (+1, -2)  microchanelled radiography CT scans are 20 times less carcinogenic 
   Mitochondrial modulator linked to addressing siRNA cures most everything 
 (+1)  mosquito mobile 
 (+5, -2)  NDE card 
 (+1)  Neck Brace 
 (-2)  neutral flavor drosophila/mouse food 
   Non-wireless section, please 
 (-2)  Online herbalist 
 (-1)  Oral sunscreen 
   Oral "Transcranial" magnetic stimulation 
 (+1)  Photoactivated Botox beauty treatment 
 (+1, -2)  Placebo-free medical treatment 
   polymerized ORT 
 (+1)  Pressurized for health 
 (-1)  Quantum Tricorder 
 (-1)  Radiosurgery for addictive behavior 
 (+2)  rebound-beneficial drugs 
 (+5, -4)  Resizing The Endoplasmic Reticulum To Create New Drugs 
 (+6, -2)  Sceptical alternative therapy 
 (+8, -1)  Selective breeding of bio-companions 
 (+11)(+11)  Snee-Zleve 
 (+2, -7)(+2, -7)  socially popular drug cures child molesters 
 (+4, -1)  Solution-oriented medical interviews 
 (-6)(-6)  sveltacious turtleneck 
 (+3)  Swiss Army Casts 
 (+1, -4)  The List of Practical Uses for the Swine Flu 
 (+5, -1)  The Witchdoctor medical guide 
 (+4)  Ultrasonic Stricture Treatment 
 (-1)  usb face mask 


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