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Graffiti To-Go

Removable graffiti message kits
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(Repurpose the clinging clear protective plastic that come on your new LCD screens)

Proposal: Package sets of clear plastic sheets with sharpie markers as EZ-Off Graffiti Kits.

Slap it up on the bus window, write "(Insert your nickname) WUZ HERE" and mug for your buddies (or camera).

Moms: say 'Please don't eat any of the lasagna I baked for your grandmother" in a language your kids will understand and respect. (also available in perforated rolls that cling to all refrigerator surfaces--even stainless!)

roby, Feb 12 2003

Static Cling Labels http://www.stevenlabel.com/Static.htm
[RMNixon, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Thanks for the croissants. What I really want is someone to tell me a proper name for those cling-to-any-smooth-flat-surface-clear-plastic sheets. And royalty checks if anyone gets rich off my idear.
roby, Feb 13 2003

       See [link]. Name seems pretty straightforward, and good idea [+]
RMNixon, Feb 13 2003

       If I ever make a written statement (either on a bus window, the refrigerator surface or the ladies' bathroom walls) I'd like it to remain where it has been entered. However, could work to cover children's bedroom walls. At least bedroom walls of children like I was.
Pericles, Feb 13 2003

       Part of the attraction of graffiti - I'm talking "Pete G loves Shirley-Anne" type stuff, not spray can murals - is that it has an air of permenancy about it. [It isn't permenant, of course, but the longer that graffiti is allowed to remain in any given area, the more instances of graffiti will appear. Similarly, the shorter the amount of time graffiti is allowed to remain, the smaller the number of instances.] As the permenancy is an implicit and intractable part of the appeal, I can't see these kits being popular with taggers and the like.   

       That said, if bus shelters - a common target for these artless vandals - were somehow covered in a number of layers of these cling labels and these layerings were only peelable by some keyholder (or something), then the cleanup of graffiti in bus shelters would be speeded up ==> reducing the attraction of tagging them ==> reducing the instances of bus shelter vandalism. Maybe.
my face your, Feb 13 2003

       One advantage of these for taggers is speed and stealth--they can prepare their messages ahead of time, then post them stealthily in high-visibility spots. Even if pulled down before long, taggers could still have thrill of seeing their ouevre in places they couldn't have done with a marker. (and perhaps record in digital posterity)
roby, Feb 13 2003

       Spray for a Day   

       Temp Tags
FarmerJohn, Feb 14 2003

       I just recently attended a conference by the local police service about graffiti. Of the seven types of graffiti,(hip-hop, gang, folk, latrine, hate, political activist and satanic cult) your idea is already widely used in spreading hip-hop graffiti. The perpetrators use slap-tags which are similar to this idea except when the glue dries in the sun, as all glue does, they become permanently fixed to their surface. What you are suggesting isn't necessarily graffiti, just post-its.
ImBack, Feb 24 2003

       How about a diamond cutter pen on a stencil? Or glass etching fluid rubber stamp? Try washing that off.   

       I'll rue this day when some punk etches my windshield with one of these.
FloridaManatee, Feb 25 2003


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