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Graffiti Microchip

Put tiny microchips into spray paint to catch taggers
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I hate graffiti. Here’s the idea, mix thousands of tiny microchips or RFIDs into every can of spray paint with a unique serial number. These chips range in size from 20 to 90 nanometers, more than small enough to be invisible and mixed into the paint (google the technology, its pretty cool).

When you buy a can of spray paint, your info is logged with the serial number. Now when graffiti shows up, someone just needs to scan it, retrieve the serial number, and the responsibility finger will point at somebody.

Once the word spreads that spray paint can do this, I wouldn’t be surprised if graffiti disappears all together.

Of course, this method should only be implemented if the anti-graffiti-wall featured in ‘Naked Gun’ doesn’t fly.

nolanpro, Jul 21 2006

Graffiti is not necessarily a mindless pursuit http://www.banksy.co.uk/
Some artists use it as a way to make the public think [fridge duck, Jul 21 2006]

Microtaggants http://www.microtaggant.com/taggants.htm
Not RFID, just layers of colored plastic. [baconbrain, Jul 21 2006]

Banksy's latest wheeze http://www.woosterc...hes_out_to_the.html
Love it. [wagster, Jul 21 2006]


       Sheesh, it's not like anyone's getting hurt.   

       If you're going to go to these ludicrous Big Brother extremes, put the tags in something like fertilizer or explosives, and go after terrorists.
DrCurry, Jul 21 2006

       graffiti shouldn't be cracked down on in this way. it's really not dangerous, and doing this won't point to anyone who gets the paint through non-standard means. breaking into paint stores might increase, and you could always use a cheap house paint. then it will even be harder to remove.
tcarson, Jul 21 2006

       There is some good graffiti out there, the junk just comes with the territory--better than more corporate adverts.
Zuzu, Jul 21 2006

       Who's making these //20 to 90 nanometers// tags? From the Wikipedia RFID article: "As of 2006, the smallest such devices measured 0.15 mm × 0.15 mm, and are thinner than a sheet of paper (7.5 micrometers)".
spidermother, Jul 21 2006

       [-] Not only is it preposterous, controlling and not viable, you have tried to refer to Graffiti art and tagging as the same thing, which they clearly are not.   

       Grafiti is an urban artform which I enjoy seeing, it can be very artistic and expressive when done well. This can include artisitic representations of tags. It can also be the writing of text or painting of imagery designed to provoke thought about life.   

       Tagging is the practice of writing your "tag" or pseudonym at regular intervals on walls and street furniture in a non-artistic way and often interspersing it with swear words and other such profanity. Tagging is no more artistic than scrawls on the toilet wall.   

       Neither one of these is a sufficient issue to deserve using your proposed big-brother tactics. Tagging, whilst possibly annoying, does not harm anyone and does nto justify your propsed approach.   

       Expression through graffiti art is, in my opinion, a good thing. I like to see good grafitti and the people doing it could be doing thingsthat are a whole lot worse.   

       Now if you really did want to do this, I would say use SmartWater technology, not RFID, but as I say, [-] for trying to be controlling and invade peoples freedom of expression and civil liberties.
webfishrune, Jul 21 2006

       nah. lets just lgalise graffitti.
FireElf, Jul 21 2006

       yeah, what everybody said. I boned it after the first sentence. // I hate graffiti.// [-]
xandram, Jul 21 2006

       Read up on microtaggants (linky). They are little chips of layered plastic. They might work in paint, but I bet anything would screw up the smooth finish desired by legitimate users.   

       Graffiti can be art, but there aren't many artists out there.
baconbrain, Jul 21 2006

       Damn I hate waiting in the spray paint registration line at Home Depot. Maybe I'll give in and pay the $100 for a spraypaint fast-track ID card for next time. I've heard that'll soon also get you to the front of the strip search line at the store exit.
Worldgineer, Jul 21 2006

       Just instigate a hunting season for taggers.   

       <wagster loses one liberalism point>
wagster, Jul 21 2006

       Graffiti doesn't hurt anyone?   

       My grade school can't afford chalk for the teachers becaue they have to spend so much money to cover up swear words each semeter.   

       This idea may not be the way to go, but there's somethign to be said for keeping your houses and fences the colors you want them to be.   

       Does anybody here mind if I spray paint their living rooms?
ye_river_xiv, Jul 22 2006

       Ye, perhaps your school should re-prioritize?
jmvw, Jul 23 2006

       [river], it would probably look better than the rustoleom red highlights that have been on my building for a month so far while the landlord is deciding what color to paint the place.
tcarson, Jul 23 2006

       I don't care for tagging at all but I don't support any invasion of privacy or record keeping such as this. I don't like crime but as a potential criminal I want my rights protected or identity hidden.   

       "Graqffiti doesn't hurt anyone"   

       Just their property values. I actually rather like this idea.
RayfordSteele, Jul 26 2006

       //the people doing it could be doing thingsthat are a whole lot worse//   

       The trouble is, they are... as well.   


       Graffiti is territorial aggression. A large proportion of graffiti is territorial aggression targeting public spaces inhabited by vulnerable people, e.g., public housing estates ("housing projects" in America).   

       Occasional examples of pleasing mural art provide no comfort to victims of this type of aggression, which is typically backed up by other forms of aggression.   

       Thank you for your attention.   

pertinax, Jan 09 2007

       victim-less crime? Not to the person who wakes up and finds graffiti on their car. Or the store owner who struggles to keep their establishment from looking like its in a slum.   

       I'd like to see some of you try to care about the distinction between "tagging" and "artists making the public think" when its spray painted on the front of your own house.
ServoMan314, Jun 26 2008

       So vandals will steal a can of paint out of someone's garage. So much for that plan.   

       Also, registering and giving up your personal info for a can of paint? Big brother, anyone?
Bukkakinator, Jun 26 2008

       The simple solution is to make graffitiing carry a minimum of 10 years in prison. If you want to paint, go buy a canvas.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 27 2008


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