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Graffiti for the Blind

a public service
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Sometimes important information is conveyed through graffiti - be it which gang’s turf you’re on, a mural urging us to commemorate a fallen homey, or an anguished expression of despair conveyed through a crudely printed obscenity.

What good do any of these urgent messages do if people can’t see them? The blind should have the same access to this information as the sighted and I therefore propose the implementation of Braille plaques adjacent to all visual graffiti bulletins and messages.

In order to alert the visually impaired that a particular notice seeks their attention, a motion detector will be mounted on each plaque. When the sensor is tripped, an announcement will instruct the sightless to proceed to its origin to read the Braille message. Alternatively, the announcement could simply be a moderately loud siren.

snarfyguy, May 11 2003


DrCurry, May 11 2003

       Graffiti exists in more places than just train lines. I imagine this on regular city walls.
snarfyguy, May 12 2003

       .: ' : . ::   

       Huzzah - I've guide-dog-tagged the 'bakery (BTW, I've no idea what I just wrote in Braille, so just in case, please believe I didn't really do anything with ya mama).
friendlyfire, May 12 2003

       snarfguy, why add to the destruction of private or public property? This is nothing more than a rant comparing visual grafitti to noise polution and recieves a fishbone from me.
ato_de, May 12 2003

       .: ' : . :: = jab.x
thumbwax, May 13 2003


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