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Grass Spray for training puppies

An aerosol spray that smells exactly like fresh cut grass.
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Spray this whereever you don't want the puppy to evacuate its bladder and bowels. Because we all know that the one place the puppy will NOT go is out in the lawn where s/he is supposed to.

Use in conjunction with our "freshly cleaned carpet" spray. Spray this on the lawn to make it an irresistable elimination spot.

Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 28 2006


       the problem is that puppies go in the same areas, which is usuallly where we don't want them to, because they smell the previous times that they have gone there. i.e. puppy accidentally pees on carpet when you bring hime home, next time has to go he just goes to where it smell like pee. You need to remove the odor of previous incidents, because covering them up doesn't work-------neat idea though, bun
tatmkr, Jun 27 2006


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