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Kitten Reel

Where can she be? Ahh, let's just wind her back in
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Cats and kittens can be difficult to call home especially at night when it's time for bed and the thought of moggie being out all night doesn't appeal.

Enter the kitten reel - a modified fishing rod with a very strong and long line attached to the collar.

No need to spend time standing at the porch shouting effeminate animal names at the top of your voice to the disapproval of your neighbours, simply reel her in.

Not to be used for animal owners living in apartments above the third floor.

benfrost, Dec 18 2004

http://www.musky.ca/ answer to [Guncrazy]'s musing.... [lintkeeper2, Dec 20 2004]


       The line should probably be quite stiff (with a large diameter reel) so kitty can't make several turns around a tree or pole.
FarmerJohn, Dec 18 2004

       cats don't like leashes and will end up strangling themselves.
jaksplat, Dec 18 2004

       Hmmm...now what might I be able to catch if I put a hook on the end of it...
Guncrazy, Dec 18 2004

       What about a collar that allows the kitten to be attached to a slot car (Scalextric) style track. That way cute liddle fluffums can ran about to its heart's content without ever getting stuck up a tree or hiding under the sofa. And if it looks a little porky, a quick sqeeze on the hand controller will see the ounces drop off. Magnetic feet would allow faster cornering.
Belfry, Dec 18 2004

       //cats don't like leashes and will end up strangling themselves.//   

       Well after the cat dies you can e-bay the leash. Then you don't have to worry about cats or leashes or any of that nonsense.
contracts, Dec 20 2004


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