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Grass shoes

Pedestrians' personal portable parkland
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Walking on a nice, slightly soft but not muddy, lush bit of grass is usually more pleasant than walking on asphalt. Even more so if you're walking barefoot. But in the city there is more asphalt than grass, and going barefoot is not always healthy or legal.

The solution is to strap two boxes of grass to your (bare) feet, providing both comfort and protection. You can wiggle your toes happily as you go about your daily ritual. At work, you kick off your shoes under your desk (don't you?) where they are illuminated by grow-lights if there is insufficient natural light. At home, you place them in a specialized grass-shoe-tending device which waters them, mows them, aerates the soil as necessary, etc.

Grass shoes are not completely utilitarian however! Flowers or very small shrubs planted around the outside can express your personality or (if you have multiple pairs) your mood that day. Bonsai aficionados can practice their meditative art at any time, such as during dull meetings or while stuck in traffic. And your feet, since they are not confined in shoes but spend the day among the clover and lavender, will never smell bad.

wiml, Mar 14 2001

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       Maybe not ten paces, but Peter's right. I also worry about the weight of all the necessary sod -- won't these be awfully heavy shoes?
egnor, Mar 14 2001

       You know what would be close to it, is filling the boxes with those shower loofa thingies that are made of plastic... they have a nice soft squishy feel and they won't wear out. Well, maybe they might... I've never tried walking on them before.
pnewp, Mar 14 2001

       Important note: going barefoot in public is completely legal, everywhere in the world. Definitely on the streets, but even in stores; there are no 'health laws' as many signs on US stores try to make us believe ('shoes and shirts required by law'). Yes, stores are considered private premises and a store owner can tell you to leave for just about any reason that isn't related to race or religion, because you're barefoot or because he doesn't like people with blonde hair or because you're not wearing a tie, but there are *no laws* against being barefoot in public or in stores/restaurants ( http://www.barefooters.org/health-dept )
manthyra, Feb 19 2004


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